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Food Plant Sanitation

flour beetlesFood safety issues are a noted concern for consumers, and consequently for media and regulatory agencies. It is essential for food processors to take the needed safety measures. Insufficient safety measures have caused many companies to go out of business due to a single incident of foodborne illness involving their products. Regulatory agencies have been enforcing processor standards in order to improve the safety, quality, and shelf-life of food products.

Therefore, using good food plant sanitation procedures is vitally important. Microbial growth can be controlled by cleaning and washing all foods before they enter the processing line. All equipment in direct contact with food needs to be cleaned and sanitized properly. The water used for washing, conveying or preparing food products must be of good sanitary quality. The incoming ingredients must come with a letter of guaranty from the supplier to ensure absence of microorganisms.

flour beetleGood plant sanitation includes controlling pests. This includes rodents, birds, insects and more. Pests can carry disease and bacteria which can transfer to food. Having an outside pest control operator can be very beneficial to your business.

For guidance on good manufacturing practices in a food processing facility, the FDA has food manufacturing regulations to help with buildings, equipment, production and more.