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K-State Research and Extension News

Other Audio Programs

  • Kansas Profile
    Kansas Profile is a weekly radio feature hosted by Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development.

  • Milk Lines
    Milk Lines is co-produced by the K-State College of Agriculture and the K-State Radio Network. Each week, dairy extension specialist Mike Brouk provides the latest information for today's dairy producers.

  • Plantorama
    Plantorama is a weekly five-minute interview with horticultural specialists at Kansas State University, covering timely topics in: home lawn care; vegetable, fruit and flower gardening; landscape design and ornamental plant care;  indoor plant care; and horticultural pest control.

    Wheat Scoop
    The Wheat Scoop is a weekly news feature from the Kansas Wheat Commission to inform wheat farmers, the grain industry and the public about the marketing and utilization of Kansas wheat. Scoops cover a wide range of topics, from breeding new wheat varieties to domestic and international utilization, as well as new uses, nutrition, and trends in domestic and international wheat foods and wheat flour consumption.
  • Fulbright Scholars
    Short interviews with Kansas State University's Fulbright Scholars.


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