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Kansas Garden Guide Cover

The Kansas Garden Guide is one of the most popular K-State Research and Extension publications every summer. | Download a copy of this photo.


Summer reading: Resources for gardeners

Kansas State University publications address a variety of topics

May 18, 2018

MANHATTAN, Kan. — In a twist on the summertime whodunit mystery, K-State Research and Extension is providing something more like a howdunit, as in how to plant a vegetable garden and other gardening and landscape topics.

Hundreds of publications and fact sheets are available online and through local K-State Research and Extension offices and this time of year, the perennial favorite is the Kansas Garden Guide, which takes the reader from planning to planting and harvesting a vegetable garden, plus information about composting, container gardening, raised beds, watering, recommended tools and more.

Other favorites this time of year are:

-        Buffalograss Lawns

-        Tall Fescue Lawns

-        Vegetable Garden Planting Guide

-        Recommended Vegetable Varieties

-        Fertilizing Gardens in Kansas

-        Tomato Leaf and Fruit Diseases and Disorders

-        Peonies

-        Oak Leaf Itch Mite

-        Low Water Use Plants for Kansas Landscapes


For growers who are not only putting food on their own tables but selling at farmers’ markets, Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market Vendors is available.

A new publication added to the K-State bookstore this spring is Conifer Trees for Kansas: A Guide to Landscape Evergreens.

More information and many more publications on a wide array of topics, including agriculture, health, consumer finance and more are available at county and district K-State Research and Extension offices and online at www.ksre.ksu.edu, click on bookstore.


Related links:

Kansas Garden Guide  (https://bit.ly/2JpIwIn

Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market Vendors  (https://bit.ly/2vUWyjF)

Vegetable Garden Planting Guide  (https://bit.ly/2Fhuiqt)

Tall Fescue Lawns  (https://bit.ly/2KhbITo)

Buffalograss Lawns  (https://bit.ly/2r0E4bp)

Recommended Vegetable Varieties  (https://bit.ly/2Kds2Va)

Peonies  (https://bit.ly/2vIHfKM)

Fertilizing Gardens in Kansas (https://bit.ly/2Ixp1gU)

Small- and Tree-Fruit Cultivars  (https://bit.ly/2KgQF39)


At a glance

K-State Research and Extension has hundreds of publications and fact sheets available on a wide range of topics. Among the most popular during the summer are gardening and landscaping publications.


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