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Center Pivot Sprinkler, Colby, Kansas

The Southwest Research and Extension Center in Garden City is hosting the Water Technology Field Day at the Roth Farm, near Holcombe, Kan., on August 15.

Water Technology Field Day features unique ‘three-for-one’

Event is Aug. 15 at Roth Farms near Holcomb

August 13, 2018

HOLCOMBE, Kan. – The Kansas State University Southwest Research and Extension Center in Garden City will host a unique three-for-one field day at Roth Farms, located north of Holcombe.

The Water Technology Field Day features many of the technologies that highlight the successful Roth family farm, but activities will also include speakers on the Ogallala Aquifer center pivot technology program, and demonstrations on soil water sensor technology.

The field day is free, including lunch, and begins at 10 a.m. at the Roth Farm, which is located near the corner of Lowe and Ritchel Roads, approximately four miles northwest of Holcombe.

The list of speakers includes professionals from K-State, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and the Kansas Water Office. Specific topics include

  • Scheduling using climatic, soil or aerial-based technology
  • Center pivot nozzle package performance, and
  • Limited irrigation management.


Interested persons are asked to RSVP by calling 620-275-9164 or send email to harshbar@ksu.edu.



At a glance

Kansas State University’s Southwest Research and Extension Center in Garden City will be hosting a Water Technology Field Day on Aug. 15 at Roth Farms, located near Holcombe.


Southwest Research and Extension Center, Garden City


Lynn Harshbarger

Written by

Pat Melgares


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