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Corn field in Kansas

K-State’s Southwest Research and Extension Center in Garden City will host its annual Fall Field Day Aug. 22, 2019. | Download this photo.

Crop research, irrigation, field tours and displays to highlight Aug. 22 field day in Garden City

Lunch will be provided, courtesy of industry exhibitors

July 23, 2019

GARDEN CITY, Kan. – The 2019 K-State Southwest Research-Extension Center Fall Field Day is set for Aug. 22 at 4500 E. Mary Street in Garden City. Registration and industry booths open at 8 a.m.; the program starts at 9:15 a.m.

The morning features field tours, followed by lunch. Afternoon seminars start at 1 p.m.

Field Tour 1:

  • Weed control in irrigated corn – Randall Currie, weed scientist.
  • Performance tests of summer annual forages: Sorghum, Sudan, Millet and Corn – John Holman, cropping systems agronomist.

Field Tour2:

  • Maximizing irrigation efficiency – Jonathan Aguilar, extension water resource engineer.
  • Weed control in irrigated grain sorghum – Vipan Kumar, weed scientist.
  • Options for control of Starane-resistant kochia – Vipan Kumar, weed scientist.

The tours will be repeated so attendees can participate in both.

After lunch seminars include:

  • Bt corn refuges review: What’s working and what’s not – Sarah Zukoff, extension entomologist.
  • Beneficial insects on your farm and how to keep them happy – Sarah Zukoff, extension entomologist.
  • Herbicides and a wheat cover crop for kochia control in corn – Randall Currie, weed scientist.
  • Multiple herbicides-resistant kochia: Where are we and where are we going? – Vipan Kumar, weed scientist.

Commercial agricultural product displays will be available through the day.

More information about the 2019 field day is available by calling 620-276-8286.



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The K-State Southwest Research-Extension Center will host its Fall Field Day Aug. 22 in Garden City.


K-State Southwest Research-Extension Center

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