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Field of sorghum

Kansas State University's 2019 Agronomy Field Day will be held Friday, Sept. 20 in Manhattan.

Building resiliency is the focus at the 2019 Agronomy Field Day on Sept. 20

Learn more about building cropping systems to ‘weather’ environmental challenges

September 12, 2019

MANHATTAN, Kan. -- The 2019 growing season presented many weather-related challenges to producers in Kansas and neighboring states. In response to these challenges, the focus of Kansas State University’s 2019 Agronomy Fall Field Day is ‘Building Resiliency in Agronomy.’

The field day is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 20 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the university’s North Farm, 2200 Kimball Avenue (across from Bill Snyder Family Stadium).

K-State officials note that variations in weather and climate are becoming more pronounced and challenging each year. This year’s field day topics will focus on understanding how different agronomic practices and technologies can aid producers in building a more resilient production system, they said.

From integration of cover crops and erosion control to advances in crop genetics and breeding, building resilient cropping systems to withstand these extreme environmental changes is crucial to the overall productivity and profitability of Kansas agriculture.

An overview of this year’s field day topics includes:

  • Resilient soils through conservation practices – Peter Tomlinson and Carlos Boninipires
  • Wheat genetics and technology – Alan Fritz
  • Sorghum genetics and resiliency: Delivering traits from seed bank to seed bag – Geoffrey Morris
  • Crop physiology and extreme temperatures – Krishna Jagadish
  • Managing variability in the field for corn and soybeans -- Ignacio Ciampitti
  • Using Mesonet and climate data for crop production in Kansas – Chip Redmond

Registration begins at 9 am., followed by tours at 9:30 am and lunch to conclude the event. There is no cost to attend, but interested individuals are encouraged to pre-register online by Sept. 16 at http://bit.ly/AgronFieldDay2019.

Pre-registration is also available by calling Troy Lynn Eckart at 785-532-0400. On-site registration will also be available.

For more information, interested persons can contact Dorivar Ruiz Diaz at 785-532-6183 or ruizdiaz@ksu.edu.


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K-State's Department of Agronomy will address responses to variations in weather and climate during the 2019 Agronomy Field Day on Sept. 20.


K-State Department of Agronomy


Dorivar Ruiz Diaz

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Kathy Gehl


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