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Kansas Garden Guide

The Kansas Garden Guide is a timely resource for tips on growing healthy, home gardens.

Spring Gardening: K-State offers pair of guides to help home gardeners

Publications can help determine how much of each crop to plant

March 17, 2020

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Home gardeners know that a little help is always a good thing when starting spring chores.

So, Ward Upham has some good ideas. He’s actively promoting a couple publications from K-State Research and Extension that will help to make some of the tough decisions a bit easier this year.

“Kansans that are new to vegetable gardening often don’t know how much of each crop to plant,” Upham said.

The “Vegetable Garden Planting Guide” provides information on the size of planting needed per person and the average crop expected per 10 feet.

“It also includes a garden calendar highlighting suggested planting and harvest dates,” Upham said. “It details crop specific information, including days to germinate; plants or seeds needed for 10 feet of row; the depth of planting; and spacing within and between rows.”

The publication is available at local extension offices or online.

Upham noted that the “Kansas Garden Guide” is another helpful guide for gardeners. The 77-page booklet includes sections on planning a garden, composting, improving soil, seeding and planting, watering, insect and disease control, and more.

“There is also an extensive section on how to grow specific vegetables and herbs,” Upham said.

The Kansas Garden Guide is available by print for $6.10, or can be viewed online.

“Both of these publications,” Upham said, “will be useful for experienced or beginning gardeners.”

At a glance

Two publications from K-State Research and Extension will help home gardeners make some important decisions this spring.


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Ward Upham

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Pat Melgares

For more information: 

Kansas Garden Guide

Vegetable Garden Planting Guide


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