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K-State's Youth Livestock Program will host the Junior Swine Producer and Junior Meat Goat Producer weeks on Feb. 15-20 and March 15-20.

K-State plans junior swine, meat goat events

4-H and FFA youth encouraged to join the virtual series

Jan. 15, 2021

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Kansas State University officials have announced they will offer two junior producer weeks virtually this year.

The Junior Swine Producer Week is scheduled for Feb. 15-20, and the Junior Meat Goat Producer Week is set for March 15-20. Both events are hosted by the K-State Youth Livestock Program, K-State Research and Extension, and the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry.

Registration is available online. For the swine series, visit https://bit.ly/KSUJrSwineWeek, and for the meat goat series go to https://bit.ly/KSUJrMeatGoatWeek.

The junior producer programs are a weeklong education opportunity for youth, parents, project leaders, extension agents and others to increase their knowledge of youth livestock production and management.

Tentative topics planned include project selection, nutrition and feeding, meat science, health, reproduction, grooming, showmanship and the state livestock nomination process. The sessions will be led by K-State faculty members, graduate students, veterinarians, extension agents, guest speakers and specialists.

All ages are welcome, but attendees – youth and adults -- must register online by Feb. 8 or March 8, depending on which event they plan to attend. Participants will be required to provide an email address that is checked routinely, so that organizers can share links and other details.

Organizers say the events are free this year due to support by sponsors. These are biennial events; swine and meat goat days are held in odd years, while sheep and beef days are held in even years.

More information is available at www.youthlivestock.ksu.edu. For questions, please contact Lexie Hayes, youth livestock coordinator, at adhayes@ksu.edu or 785-532-1264.

At a glance

The Junior Swine Producer and Junior Meat Goat Producer weeks will be free and available online, but registration is required.


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Angie Stump Denton


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