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Pesticide IPM

Commercial Applicator Training Manuals

General Manual, S12
1A Agricultural Plant Pest, S19
1B Agricultural Animal Pest, S13NE
1C Ag Wildlife Damage, S5
1D Stump Treatment, S153
2 Forest Pest, S2MO
3A Ornamental Pest, S11
3B Turf Pest, S20
3C Interior Landscape Pest, S33
4 Seed Treatment, S18IA
5 Aquatic Pest, S29
5S Sewer Root (Cornell Manual)
6 Rights-of-Way Pest, S9
7A Wood Destroying Pest, S8
7B Stored Products Pest, S16
7C Industrial Weed, S6
7D Health Related, S10
7E Structural Pest, S15
7F Wood Preservation & Wood Products, S27MO
8 Public Health Pest, S14
9 Noxious Weeds, S30
10 Demonstration and Research, S17OK