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Moo-ve over, yogurt: Students invent snack drink

What we are doing:

Three food science graduate students created a creamy protein-rich dairy drink, which won first place and $8,000 in the National Dairy Council's annual New Product Competition. 

Students — Yuda Ou, China, and Priyamvada Thorakkattu and Karthik Sajith Babu, both from India — developed Quick-Quark, a new drinkable dairy snack based on the German-style quark cheese. They mixed whole milk, cream, milk protein concentrate and sweetened condensed milk, then fermented the ingredients with live cultures to produce a mildly tart quark base with 30 percent daily value of calcium and 10 percent daily value of vitamin D. 

Our impact:

According to the National Dairy Council, snack foods are more common now than in the past and have replaced meals in some people's diets. In a resealable pouch with a 30-day shelf life, Quick-Quark combines natural dairy ingredients with live cultures, which help aid digestion. Using real fruit, the students developed two different flavors: pina colada and acai blueberry, which has a distinct K-State purple.

The product has 14 grams of protein in a 150-gram serving, which is almost double the amount of popular Greek yogurt drinks and more than double the number of popular yogurts targeted toward children.

"This win continues a strong tradition of success that our K-State product development teams have experienced in national and international competitions over the last several years,” said Randy Phebus, Food Science Institute interim director. “We are very proud of this year's team win."

Team advisors are Kelly Getty and Jayendra Amamcharla, both associate professors of animal sciences and industry.



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"We asked 50 consumers in the age range of 17-55 to taste both products and rate them on a 9-point scale. Both flavors performed very well. Acai blueberry received an average of 7.5 and pina colada received 7.3 for liking the overall product."

— Yuda Ou, food science graduate student