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K-State Research and Extension

Global Food Systems

To feed and sustain a growing world population, we develop innovative practices that benefit Kansas, our nation and the world. Through innovative research in areas such as genetics, disease prevention and food security, we help agriculture be more profitable, sustainable and efficient.


Summer 2018

Turning up the heat on wheat

How much water does a cow need?

Spring 2018

Gene-editing technology can shorten wheat breeding process

Researchers discover how weeds develop herbicide resistance

What to do when farm ponds dry up

Video: New wheat varieties

Winter 2018

Swine research benefits producers, economy

Technology advances wheat-breeding process

Kansas leads the nation in sorghum production

Video: Wheat Genomics (part 1)

Video: Wheat Genomics (part 2)

Fall 2017

Research team tackles problems facing wheat farmers

Adjusted pasture burning schedule could reduce weeds, increase profit

Global Foods Systems