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K-State Research and Extension

Counselors help seniors navigate Medicare options

What we are doing:

medicareMore than two dozen K-State Research and Extension agents at county and district offices serve as counselors for the Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas, or SHICK, program. They help senior citizens explore all options available to them through Medicare plans.

“We’re here to provide guidance, to help consumers make informed choices,” said Susie Latta, a family and consumer sciences agent with K-State Research and Extension’s Marshall County office. “We’re not selling anything; we’re not paid to point people in a certain direction.”

Our impact:

  • Statewide, K-State Research and Extension SHICK counselors advised 7,482 constituents, saving them a grand total of $4,245,340.
  • Of the 350 SHICK counselors assisting Kansas citizens, 31 are also K-State Research and Extension agents.
  • In 2016, Marshall County agent Susie Latta assisted more than 700 constituents as a SHICK counselor and helped save them about $215,000.
  • As SHICK counselors, agents can leverage the opportunity to offer assistance on nutrition, exercise and other topics.

“After visiting with K-State Research and Extension agent Erin Petersilie, who is also a SHICK counselor, my husband and I were able to realize combined savings of about $5,000.”

— Virginia Schneider, Rush County resident