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K-State Research and Extension

"If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes"

What we are doing:
weather stationKansas Mesonet, a network of more than 60 K-State Research and Extension weather stations, is key to water research being done in Kansas and the surrounding region.
The Mesonet – a term that refers to a regional system of weather stations – collects data on numerous weather variables in Kansas, including temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, precipitation, soil moisture, barometric pressure and more.
Data are collected at five-minute intervals for the main data set, as well as hourly and daily. Data are analyzed for quality control and then provided through a website, so researchers and the public can look at real-time data and historical data for various time periods and locations.

Our impact:
At the state level, Kansas Mesonet provides:
• Data to improve decision-making about water usage, especially for irrigation
• Improvements in the overall water quality and quantity in western Kansas
• Longer usefulness of the Ogallala Aquifer, the large, underground water source that touches parts of eight states from South Dakota to Texas

"We're always growing, and we're always looking for room to grow. I feel like our data hasn't been used as much as it could be, so we're always looking for more collaborators, more ideas, more criticisms – we need to have it to grow."
– Chip Redmond, an assistant scientist with the Kansas Mesonet