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SDI in the Great Plains​

Abstracts and Resources

Microirrigation for Crop Production
5th International Microirrigation Congress
6th International Microirrigation Congress

Microirrigation titles in Transactions of the ASAE, 1985-1994
Microirrigation titles in Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 1985-1994
Microirrigation titles in Trans. ASAE and App. Engr in Agric., 1995-2000
Irrigation Association's Technical Conf. Paper Titles related to Microirrigation, 1990-2000

Books, Manuals and Large Microirrigation Articles

Disc filtration, Something Old, Something New

Drip Irrigation For Row Crops What is the State of the Art (Presented by B. Hanson et al. at 4th Irrig. Symposium) In proceedings of the 4th Decennial National Irrigation Symposium, Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 14-16, 2000. ASAE. pp. 391-400.

Subsurface Drip Irrigation -- A Review (Carl Camp paper at USDA-CPSWPRC website)

Application of biological organisms through irrigation systems

An informal research review of dripline flushing velocity