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SDI in the Great Plains​

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are road directions to the KSU Northwest Research Extension Center?

What are the Frequently and Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions about SDI

What are some basic questions about SDI?

What things should I consider before I purchase a SDI system?

What are the minimum system requirements for an SDI system?

How can I use records of pressure and flow measurements to diagnose SDI system problems?

What are some more advanced hydraulic considerations for SDI systems?

How do SDI economics compare to center pivot sprinklers?

How does KSU typically handle tillage and bed management for corn?

How does land slope affect SDI?

What is the optimum spacing for driplines for corn in western Kansas?

Could you briefly discuss why filtration is so important?

What are some of the Pros and Cons of SDI?

Can I use SDI for Alfalfa production?

What about using SDI for turf?

Can you explain how a disc filter works?

Where can I get a N-Phuric titration test performed?

What can you tell me about surface driplines trailing behind center pivot irrigation systems?

What can you tell me about premature defoliation of SDI cotton that occurred in Texas in 2001? Is it related to leaf necrosis?