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Youth and Teens

Practices for Promoting Youth Development

The term youth development can be used to describe a range of practices in programs, organizations, and initiatives. In this sense, youth development refers to the application of principles to a planned set of practices or activities, which foster the developmental process in young people.

Whether working in tutoring, mentoring, leadership, faith, sports, arts, peer support, or other kinds of youth programs, youth workers engage youth in planning, running, participating in and determining the success of their activities.

Maximizing Supports and Opportunities for Older Youth

Investing in the successful development of teenagers requires a commitment to thinking developmentally and a recognition that older youth are looking for opportunities to learn, grow, work and contribute. It also means looking for programs, partners and funding streams beyond those labeled "afterschool." Programs cut across systems and sectors and range from service-learning to pregnancy prevention to increasing college access. (Yohalem, Joselowsky, Davis, Ebbert, 2004)

Connect for Youth


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