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K-State Research and Extension

Civic Engagement

K-State Research and Extension provides many resources for communities and civic engagement – helping to increase education of boards, communities and provide valuable resources:

Boards and CommissionsBoard Leadership; LEADS Curriculum

The Kansas Community Empowerment (formerly PRIDE) program- For more than 53 years, the Kansas Community Empowerment (formerly PRIDE) program has assisted grassroots community driven efforts to improve the quality of life in local communities. The program is a partnership of K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Department of Commerce and Kansas PRIDE, Inc., which is a nonprofit board of directors.

First Impressions - What is the first impression your community leaves on its visitors? K-State Research and Extension’s First Impressions program can improve your community’s image and quality of life for your citizens.

Youth Community Perceptions - Want to involve youth in your community?  Youth Community Perceptions can help youth learn how to identify needs and opportunities that exist for your community's future while working with community leaders to make a difference.

Grant Writing WorkshopsGrants are a vital piece in your community's funding puzzle.  K-State Research and Extension's Community Vitality Team offers grant writing workshops for local communities.

The Office of Engagement – K-State campus-wide resource dedicated to providing value to both university and off-campus communities through expanded outreach and engagement.

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