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Welcome A-Board: Board Leadership Basics

You are serving on a board-now what?


This popular program for local community-based boards covers a number of topics to help board members and boards become more effective in their efforts. The following topics in each session are available to be offered as a group or as individual modules:

  • Session 1: Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members/Effective Meetings
    • Organized Groups – How Do They Function and What Is Your Role When Asked to Serve?
    • Duties and Responsibilities of Non-Profit Board Members
    • Organizing and Leading Productive Meetings
    • Agendas to the Rescue!
    • Basic Parliamentary Procedure
  •  Session 2: Understanding Fellow Board Members/Conflict Management
    • Generations – Adapting Volunteers of Different Ages
    • Behavioral Styles
    • Managing Conflict in Groups
  •  Session 3: Financial Responsibilities, Fundraising, Legalities, and Ethics
    • Financial Responsibilities of Boards
    • Fundraising and Managing Grant Revenue
    • Legal and Ethical Issues for Boards
  •  Session 4: Strategic Planning
    • The Importance of Strategic Planning
    • Designing a Strategic Planning Strategy – Part 1
    • Designing a Strategic Planning Strategy – Part 2

Interested in attending one or more of these lessons as an individual or board? Contact your local K-State Research and Extension office for more details.