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Grant Writing

Grants are a vital piece in your community's funding puzzle...and you can do it!

K-State Research and Extension's Community Vitality Team offers online grant writing workshops at a cost of $60 per attendee.


  • Conquer your grant writing fears and start writing.
  • Learn new sources of data to document community needs.
  • Learn new sources of grant funding.
  • Practice developing the grant Elements: Problem, Outcomes, Activities, Evaluation, and Budget.

Short Term Outcomes:

  • 95% have increased confidence to write a successful grant.
  • 99% learned new sources of data to document community needs.
  • 99% learned new sources for finding grants.
  • 89% gained confidence at writing a grant budget.

Online Grant Writing Workshop FAQ Sheet

Online Grant Writing Workshop Registration - Note the workshops are named for the host Extension unit but since they are online, attendees can choose the dates the fit their needs.

Making a Difference Report - Grant Writing Workshops

Workshop Tools for Extension Agents:

For more information, contact:

Nancy K. Daniels, Community Vitality Specialist
(785) 410-6352
 Grant dollars