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Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Rho Chapter

President Responsibilities

Epsilon Sigma Phi
Your Key to Professional Excellence

President Responsibilities

1. Presides at all meetings of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi.

2. Schedules regular meetings and plans meeting agendas in partnership with executive board.

3. Establishes chapter goals in partnership with executive board. National Chapter of Merit and Achievement in Membership awards criteria may provide helpful information for this process.

4. Provides a list of responsibilities and any special tasks for the year to standing and special committees as needed to achieve the chapter goals.

5. Gives president's report at business meetings and in newsletters to membership throughout the year.

6. Notifies national office of new officers and committee chairs.

7. Represents the chapter at regional JCEP workshop.

8. Serves as chair-elect of the Board of Trustees of the Extension Endowment Fund.

9. Corresponds with ESP national executive director on behalf of the chapter.

10. Represents chapter in the selection process for national recognition.

11. Applies for national Chapter of Merit and Achievement in Chapter Membership awards.

12. Submits appropriate communication to national executive director prior to national conference. (i.e. voting delegates, names for memorial list, etc.)

13. Represents the chapter as a voting delegate at the national council meeting and regional meeting during national conference.

14. Signs all certificates of recognition to chapter members.

15. Notifies membership of time, location and agenda for annual business meeting, and constitution and bylaw proposed changes in accordance with the constitution and bylaws.

16. Submits report for chapter annual report.

17. Works with annual banquet committee on agenda.

18. Presides over annual banquet. Installs new officers and assists with recognition as requested by committee chairs.

19. Works closely with president-elect to facilitate successful transition.

20. Serves as past president during year following presidency.

21. Keeps a file, box, or notebook of details of the office (including time line) up-to-date to pass on to successor.

22. Submits appropriate documents to historian for the archives.

23. Fulfills other responsibilities as needed.

24. Serves as chair-elect of the Nomination committee.

October 5, 2012