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 Lifestyle choices you make have a major impact on your health and wellness. Research shows that those who take good care of themselves and make healthy lifestyle choices are healthier, happier, more productive, miss work less, and have lower health-care costs.

Wellness is much more than the absence of illness or disease, or successfully managing chronic disease. It emphasizes the whole individual, integrating the body, mind, and spirit. Everything we do, feel, think, and believe can impact our state of health. 

K-State Research and Extension provides programming that educates, supports, and motivates Kansans to make healthy lifestyle choices that support total wellness.   

  • Walk Kansas is a team-based program that will help you and others lead a healthier life. Join this program and be more active, improve strength and balance, make better nutrition choices, and walk away your stress. Walk Kansas is an 8-week, statewide program that begins mid-March and involves more than 16,000 participants annually.
  • K-State Research and Extension professionals, along with local and state partners, are improving the health of employees and creating a culture of health through workplace wellness programming that includes policy changes to support healthy behaviors.
  • Choose Life Balance programs help participants develop skills in time management, goal setting, communication, and stress management.