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Historical Publications Archive

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K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

CAUTION: Recommendations in historical publications may be obsolete and in violation of laws regulating pesticide use. They are included here as a matter of historical interest.

Books, Maps, and More

50 Years of Range Research, Revisited, 1995
Kansas Cooperative Extension Service 1914-1989
K-State Agronomy Centennial 1906-2006: A Century Remembered 5 MB
From Desert to Breadbasket: Developing Kansas's Land Resources Centennial Publication (1976)
From Desert to Breadbasket Color version, 6.2M
Engineering Experiment Station Bulletin #5, 1916, Sewage Disposal for Country Homes
The Extension Worker's Code, Bulletin 33, 1922
Grains Research: 1999, 2002, 2005
Sedimentation in Our Reservoirs, 2008
Soil Survey of Jewell County, Kansas , 1916, SB211.pdf, 2.6M,  Map, jewellmap-smaller.jpg
Soil Survey of Reno County, Kansas, SB208.pdf, 2M, Map, renomap-smaller.jpg
Soil Survey of Cherokee County, Kansas, SB207.pdf, 2.1M, Map, cherokeemap-smaller.jpg,
Soil Survey of Shawnee County, Kansas, 1914, SB200.pdf, 3.7M,  Map, shawneemap-smaller.jpg
Some Contributions of K-State Agronomists to World Agriculture During the 20th Century
United States Agricultural Dust Explosion Information, 1980-2005
Agricultural Dust Explosions in 2005
Agricultural Dust Explosions in 2004
Agricultural Dust Explosions in 2003
Agricultural Dust Explosions in 2002
Agricultural Dust Explosions in 2001
Agricultural Dust Explosions in 2000
Agricultural Dust Explosions in 1999
Agricultural Dust Explosions in 1998
Agricultural Dust Explosions in 1997
Agricultural Dust Explosions in 1996
Grain Dust Explosions Steady in 1995
Grain Dust Explosions Up in 1994
Grain Dust Explosions Up in 1993
Grain Dust Explosions--Record Low in 1992
Grain Dust Explosions Down in 1991
1990 Grain Dust Explosions Stay Low
1989 Grain Dust Explosions Stay Low
1988 Grain Dust Explosions Lowest Since 1975
1987 Second Best in Recent Years for Grain Dust Explosions
Grain Dust Explosion Numbers Steady in 1986
Grain Dust Explosions up Slightly in 1985
Grain Dust Explosions up Sharply in 1984 over 1983
Grain Dust Explosions in U.S. Decline Again in 1983 with No Fatalities
Grain Dust Explosions Decline in 1982
1981 Reported Grain Dust Explosion Incidents
1980 Reported Grain Dust Explosion Incidents

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