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CAUTION: Recommendations in historical publications may be obsolete and in violation of laws regulating pesticide use. They are included here as a matter of historical interest.

Technical Bulletins, 1916-1970, Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station

1. The Milling and Baking Quality and Chemical Composition of Wheat and Flour, 1916, STB001.pdf, 6.2M
2. Some Important Fermentations in Silage, 1916, STB002.pdf, 1.5M
3. The Influence of the Ration Upon the Intestinal Flora of Swine, 1917, STB003.pdf, 2.4M
4. A Study of the Etiology of Roup in Birds, 1917, STB004.pdf, 1.4M
5. Some Nutritive Properties of Corn, 1918, STB005.pdf, 1.5M
6. The Maize Billbug or Elephant Bug (Sphenophorus maidis), 1920, STB006.pdf, 1.6M
7. Solenopsis Molesta Say (Hym.): A Biological Study, 1920, STB007.pdf, 2.2M
8. Bacteriological Studies of Methods of Preparing a Seedbed for Wheat, 1920, STB008.pdf, 1.8M
9. Adsorption at Liquid-Vapor and Liquid-Liquid Interfaces and Some Related Phenomena, 1922, STB009.pdf, 3.7M
10. Blackleg Vaccines: Their Production and Use, 1923, STB010.pdf, 2.8M
11. The Hessian Fly in Kansas, 1923, STB011.pdf, 5.1M
12. Relative Water Requirements of Corn and Sorghums, 1923, STB012.pdf, 2.3M
13. Seeding Small Grain in Furrows, 1924, STB013.pdf. 3.3M
14. Infectious Abortion Investigations, 1925, STB014.pdf, 2.8M
15. Experiments Relating to the Time of Cutting Alfalfa, 1925, STB015.pdf, 3.5M
16. A Comparative Study of the History of Certain Phytophagous Scarabaeid Beetles, 1925, STB016.pdf, 6.9M
17. Studies of Inheritance and Evolution in Orthoptera. V : The Grouse Locust, Apotettix Eurycephalus Hancock, 1925, STB017, 8.4M
18. Tillage Investigations Relating to Wheat Production, 1925, STB018.pdf, 4.6M
19. Tillage in Relation to Milling and Baking Qualities of Wheat, 1926, STB019.pdf, 1.4M
20. Tomato Wilt Investigations, 1926, STB020.pdf, 2.1M
21. Bacillary White Diarrhea in Fowl, 1926, STB021.pdf, 4.7M
22. The Control of Sorghum Kernel Smut and the Effect of Seed Treatments on the Vitality of Sorghum Seed, 1928, STB022.pdf, 3.1M
23. The Importance of Vitamin A and C in the Ration of Swine, Concerning Especially Their Effect on Growth and Reproduction, 1928, STB023.pdf, 6.3M
24. Potato Experiments for the control of Rhizoctonia, Scab, and Blackleg, 1922-1927, 1928, STB024.pdf, 2.9M
25. Principal Poisonous Plants in Kansas, 1930, STB025.pdf, 3.7M
26. A Study of Factors Influencing Inoculation Experiments with Azotobacter, 1930, STB026.pdf, 2.5M
27. Resistance of Varieties of Winter Wheat to Hessian Fly, Phytophaga destructor (Say), 1931, STB027.pdf, 3M
28. Some Factors Influencing the Mid-season Potato Market, 1931, STB028.pdf, 3.1M
29. Dissemination of Pullorum Disease in the Incubator, 1931, STB029.pdf, 2.9M
30. Twenty Years of Testing Varieties and Strains of Winter Wheat at the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1932, STB030.pdf, 2.6M
31. A Study of Mortality Among Young Pigs: The Influence of Wheat-germ Meal on the Reproduction and Suckling of Pigs, 1932, STB031.pdf, 2.6M
32. The Identification of Certain Native and Naturalized Grasses by the Vegetative Characteristics, 1932, STB032.pdf, 2.7M
33. The Quality of Wheat as Affected by Farm Storage, 1932, STB033.pdf, 3.9M
34. The Effect of Inadequate Rations on the Production and Hatchability of Eggs, 1933, STB034.pdf, 3.8M
35. Resistance of Varieties of Winter Wheat and Rye to Low Temperature in Relation to Winter  Hardiness and Adaptation, 1933, STB035.pdf, 3.1M
36. The Relation of Phosphorus Deficiency to the Utilization of Feed in Dairy Cattle, 1934, STB036.pdf, 2.6M
37. The Influence of Some Factors on the Hatchability of the Hen's Egg, 1934, STB037.pdf, 2.1M
38. Effect of Burning on Kansas Bluestem Pastures, 1934, STB038.pdf, 3.1M
39. Seasonal and Short-Time Fluctuations in Wheat Prices in Relation to the Wheat-Price Cycle, 1935, STB039.pdf, 2.5M
40. Twenty Years of Soil Fertility Investigations, 1935, STB040.pdf, 3.3M
41. Phosphorus Requirements in the Ration of Growing Pigs, 1936, STB041.pdf, 6.1M
42. The Relationship Between the Internal Structure and Photosynthetic Behavior of Apple Leaves, 1937, STB042.pdf, 2.8M
43. Nitrogen: The Major Cause in the Production of Spotted Wheat Fields, 1937, STB043.pdf, 2.3M
44. Physiologic and Genetic Studies of Crooked Keels in Chickens, 1937, STB044.pdf, 1.6M
45. Nitrogen and Organic Carbon of Soils as Influenced by Cropping Systems and Soil Treatments, 1939, STB045.pdf, 1.5M
46. The Carotenoid Pigments: Occurrence, Properties, Methods of Determination, and Metabolism by the Hen, 1939, STB046.pdf, 2.5M
47. A Physiological Study of the Winter Wheat Plant at Different Stages of Its Development, 1939, STB047.pdf, 6.2M
48. Identification of the Eggs of Mid-western Grasshoppers, 1939, STB048.pdf, 3.2M
49. Transference of Hessian Fly Resistance and Other Characteristics of Marquillo Spring Wheat to Winter Wheat, 1940, STB049.pdf, 2.5M
50. Equine Encephalomyelitis Virus Isolated From Naturally Infected Triatoma sanguisuga LeConte, 1940, STB050.pdf, 677K
51. Calcium in the Nutrition of the Fattening Calf, 1940, STB051.pdf, 6.2M
52. The Crossbreeding of Poultry, 1942, STB052.pdf, 2.1M
53. The Influence of Some Spray Materials on the Internal Structure and Chlorophyll Content of Apple Leaves, 1942, STB053.pdf, 5.2M
54. Relation between Age and Dry Weight of the Corn Plant (Zea Mays L.), 1943, STB054.pdf, 2.8M
55. The Development of Sorghums Resistant to Milo Disease, 1943, STB055.pdf, 2.4M
56. Nitrogen and Carbon Changes in Soils, 1943, STB056.pdf, 3.1M
57. A Study of the Morphological Nature and Physiological Functions of the Awns of Winter Wheat, 1944, STB057.pdf, 3.8M
58. Quality of Beef, 1944, STB058.pdf, 3.4M
59. Wheat-Seeding Dates and the Hessian Fly in Kansas, 1945, STB059.pdf, 1.9M

117. Common Names of a Selected List of Plants, rev. 1969, STB117, 6.6MB

143. Changes in a South Central Kansas Trade Area 1937-1960, (1965) STB143.pdf, 274K

162. Wheat Curl Mite, Aceria tulipae Keifer, in Relation to Epidemiology and Control of Wheat Streak Mosaic, 1970, STB162, 516K