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Kansas State University is committed to providing equal access opportunity and reasonable accommodation to campus programs and services for faculty, staff and students. If you require accommodation to view or hear a video live stream or archive, please submit a request for accommodation. Students should make their request to the Student Access Center. All others should request accommodation through Human Capital Services.

What We Do

K-State Research and Extension improves Kansans' lives, livelihoods and communities through education, research, engagement and leadership. With scientists, educators and volunteers in each of the state's 105 counties, our professionals strive to make the university's research and scientific accomplishments accessible and relevant to every household.

We accomplish this through programming and educational resources designed to address the state’s Grand Challenges. We focus on issues such as conserving Kansas’ water and natural resources, advancing agriculture and food systems, developing the state’s future leaders and helping Kansans thrive through economic, health and community enriching efforts.

However, what we do is not contained only within state borders. Our work with regional, national and international organizations helps create positive impacts for millions of people through many different program areas.

Who We Are

We are a network of dedicated extension specialists, agents, researchers and volunteers who partner with Kansans to help solve problems. We understand key issues, because we are close to them. To find an extension agent in your area, view our statewide locations.

Where to Find Us

You can access most of our programming resources online through our website, bookstore and course catalog. We also host several educational workshops and seminars both in-person and online across Kansas throughout the year. To stay up to date with the latest news and events, be sure to follow the K-State Research and Extension Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Most of our state extension specialists and researchers can be found in different academic colleges on K-State’s campus. For a directory of local extension offices and regional research centers, visit our statewide locations page.

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