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Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services

KAMS and Family Farm Transitions

Many Kansas families are facing issues with transitioning the farm. KAMS can assist with transition concerns such as dissolution or mergers of family farm businesses, passing the farm on to new generations, division or liquidation of farm assets, and resolving conflicts between family members. Often the idea of opening conversation about future plans may be difficult but a call to KAMS can help family members start the communication process.



Trained succession planning facilitators are available to meet with families and guide them through the steps of succession planning. They direct them to the resources and strategies they need to achieve their shared vision for continuing the operation. To find out more and to set up meeting with the family and a facilitator, call 800-321-3276.

Agricultural Financial Counseling and Legal Counseling Programs
To assist with these difficult decisions KAMS can refer families to experienced KSRE Farm Analyst to analyze the enterprises and share current agriculture data and information. Another helpful referral might be to KAMS’ Farm Mediation Legal Counseling Program to work with an attorney. In many cases the analyst and attorney are neutral “resource persons” who are present at the mediation to answer questions, analyze options and provide ideas and guidance to the family as a whole regarding financial, legal, and farm management implications of the transition.
When an “agriculture credit” issue is involved in the family farm transition, mediation services are offered at no cost to the producers. For example if restructuring the operation affects the ability of each party to service the debt, or if a creditor is involved, there is no charge for the actual mediation. Minimal fees are required to use support services such as agricultural financial counseling.
Due to funding restrictions if a family mediation does NOT include an “agriculture credit” situation an affordable fee for service is charged or families may choose facilitation and access similar support services. For more information call the toll-free number 800-321-3276.