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Planning for Farm and Ranch Succession

Financial - Documents


Ag Business Structures

Agricultural Business Structures

Learn about the characteristics of ag business structures and how to decide which one will work best for your operation and the transition process.






Property Ownership

Property Ownership in Kansas

Look at the differences between real and personal property as well as the characteristics of different types of property ownership. 





Can Everyone Be Treated Equally?

The current owner(s) may want to look at the value of growth as a factor in the equitability equation and how those involved with the operation have contributed to this growth.


Our Valuable Records

Our Valuable Records

Spreadsheet for recording important personal and business information. Keeping this information on hand as well as copies available in safe,secure locations, creates ease of access when needed.



KAMS Mediation Program


Farm Family Mediation

Detailed information about family mediation services offered through Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services. These services are helpful for families struggling to manage and resolve conflict. Trained mediators guide productive conversations so families can develop good business decisions for the transition of the farm or ranch.





Farm Financial Analyst Program


Farm Analyst Program

Farm analysts work with ag operations to provide confidential business advice. A key component of this service can include intergenerational business planning.