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K-State Research and Extension is launching Wallet Wisdom, a series of free webinars starting April 22 focused on sharpening personal financial skills.

Wallet Wisdom webinars can help sharpen money management skills

K-State to launch free financial literacy program

April 7, 2021

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Let’s face it: Discipline when it comes to managing our money isn’t always easy. And saving? Another challenge.

To help boost money management skills, including ways to save, manage debt and handle credit, K-State Research and Extension is offering the Wallet Wisdom program, which are six free webinars in April and May.

The webinars will be presented Thursdays from noon to 1 p.m. CDT via Zoom, beginning April 22. With just one registration, participants can access just one or all six webinars. Time is allowed for questions and answers. For privacy reasons, only the host will be able to see who is asking the questions. All sessions will be recorded for participants to view at their convenience any time.

Dates and topics include:

  • April 22 – A Financial Checkup – A regular check of financial health can identify problems, chart progress, and outline steps to achieve financial goals.

  • April 29 – Emotions and Money – Your relationship with money can be based on years of emotion. Learn more to better understand your financial habits.

  • May 6 – Spending Plans – A spending plan can track your income and expenses and support you as you manage your money and work towards your goals.

  • May 13 – Increasing Savings – We save for many reasons, including emergencies, insurance deductibles, retirement and more. Learn ways to increase your savings.

  • May 20 – Debt Management – Especially in our current economy, debt can get out of control. Join us to learn ways to manage and pay down your debt.

  • May 27 – All about Credit – From credit reports to credit scores, credit can affect many areas of your life. Learn to make credit work for you.

The webinars are presented by K-State Research and Extension educators who specialize in family resource management. More information and registration is available online or by contacting a local K-State Research and Extension office. More information about family resource management education is also available on the website.

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Kansans can soon access free webinars designed to help sharpen money management skills.


Wallet Wisdom webinar information and registration


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