Farm Finances

farm-managementK-State Research and Extension provides a variety of services to support the effective management of farms and agribusinesses.

Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services - (KAMS) provides agriculturists the resources they need to solve legal and financial issues. Our team has been providing Kansas producers with legal, financial and mediation services for over 25 years.

The AgManager website from the Department of Agricultural Economics provides helpful resources and tools from extension experts. Our programming focuses on crop and livestock marketing and outlook reports, crop insurance, farm management, agricultural policy, human resources, income tax and law and agribusiness.


Find helpful presentations, decision-making tools and resources related to farm management in the menu below. If you have a specific question, please contact your local extension office or reach out to one of our specialists.

Programs and Events

We offer a variety of services and one-on-one consultations throughout the year. For more information on upcoming events in your area, please contact your local extension office.

K-State Farm Analyst Program

The K-State Farm Analyst Program teaches farm families about business planning. Analysts encourage families to assess the current farm operation realistically and to discuss goals, options and solutions based on facts.

AgKansitions AgKansitions - LandLink Program

AgKansitions provides access to the Kansas LandLink Program. Landowners can have a consultation to find local professionals to help with the transition process.

KFMAKansas Farm Management Association (KFMA)

KFMA connects our team of agricultural economists with over 1,500 farms across the state. Working individually with each member, our economists develop strategies for long-term growth and success.