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Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Rho Chapter

History of Alpha Rho Chapter

Alpha Rho Chapter -- From the Beginning

On March 21, 1930, Dean H. C. Umberger of the Kansas Extension Service called together a group of people who had been in Extension work for 10 years. This group was composed of those who were at headquarters on the K-State campus that day.

     Those in attendance were: Dean H. Umberger, Delpha Hazeltine, A. L. Clapp, L. C. Williams, Floyd Pattison, M. H. Coe, E. G. Kelly, and Amy Kelly.

>     National Founder--Mr. W. A. Lloyd, of the Washington Extension Office, presented the plan of work for Epsilon Sigma Phi. Dean Umberger asked for an expression of those present--if they wished to form such an organization. Approval was unanimous.

     After reading the constitution and by-laws, provided by Mr. Lloyd, the group adopted this document as the basis for forming the Alpha Rho Chapter in Kansas (the 23rd state chapter to be formed).

     First Officers--The group selected L. C. Williams as Chief, and Amy Kelly as Secretary. They also decided to hold the charter membership list open until Extension conference in the fall. As a result, 30 names appeared on the official charter issued by the National Council.

     House of Pioneers--Only Dean Umberger was eligible for membership in the House of Pioneers, a national Epsilon Sigma Phi sub-group designed to honor those members who were involved in Extension-type work before the Smith-Lever Act of 1914 was passed.

     Purpose of Fraternity--As stated in the Constitution, the purpose of the Fraternity is "To maintain the standards and ideals, uphold the morale, prestige and respect of the Cooperative Extension Service, to develop an effective working relationship between present and former employees, and to promote and recognize professionalism and achievement within Extension."

    Professional Journal--As early as 1935, The Professional Outlook was published by Alpha Rho Chapter. Earl Teagarden was editor for 17 years. An early statement of purpose for this in-house publication was "to provide information about professional opportunities, reports of professional meetings, and information of interest to the professional Extension worker."

From Alpha Rho Chapter Newsletter
"Kansas Professional Outlook"
September 1989