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Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Rho Chapter

Endowment Grants Funded

Professional Development/Program Innovation

Project Grants Summary

YearAmountNumberTotal to Date
October 2004$5,6354$36,882
January 2004$3,7754$31,247
1996$2,0124$ 8,157
1995$1,9255$ 6,145
1994$1,0002$ 4,220
1993$1,2503$ 3,220
1992$1,9703$ 1,970



List of Grants Funded
1. "Youth Financial Management, Literacy, and Physical Activity with StoryWalk Project"$500
 Denise Dias and Elizabeth Kiss 
2.  "Fulfilling the Extension Mission through Effective Leadership Training"$1,500
 Wayne Moore 
3.  "Sprayer Technology Regional Workshops"$1,000
 Jeanne Falk Jones and Sandra Wick 
4.  "Sponsorship for 2018 National ESP Conference Project"$2,000
 Stacey Warner and Jennifer Wilson 
5.  "Scholarships for 2018 National Epsilon Phi Conference"$10,000
 Stacey Warner and Jennifer Wilson 
1. "East Central Kansas Active Aging Expo"$1,200
 Rebecca McFarland 
2. "Empowered Aging - A Flint Hills Aging Expo"$1,500
 Jennifer Wilson 
3. "Operation Red File"$2,925
 Erin Yelland 
4. "National Epsilon Sigma Phi Conference, 2016"$750
 Nadine Sigle 
1.  "Stay Strong, Stay Healthy Program: Strength Training for Older Adults"$1,500
 Sharolyn Flaming Jackson and M. Gayle Price 
2.  "Art of Facilitation: Building Your Palette of Skills"$3,500
 Jennifer Wilson 
3.  "Know the 10 Signs of Alzheimer's Disease$2,660
 Erin Yelland 
4.  "National Epsilon Sigma Phi Conference, 2015"$850
 Debra Bolton 
5.  "National Epsilon Sigma Phi Conference, 2015"$1,050
 Linda Beech 
6.  "National Epsilon Sigma Phi Conference, 2015"$1,500
 Chuckie Hessong 
1.  " Prepare Kansas"$200
 Jamie Rathbun 
2.  "Preserving the Family with Estate Planning"$300
 Amy Lorenzen  
3. "Kansas Regional Farmers Market Vendor Workshops"$2,000
 M. Gayle Price 
4. "Strengthening Rural Families Educational Series"$1,000
 Sandra L. Wick 
1.  "Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Extension"$2,400
 Marie Blythe, Margaret Phillips, and Stacey Warner 
2.  Galaxy IV Conference$800
 Rhonda Gordon 
3.  "Special Interest Geocaching 4-H Club"$1,000
 Candis Meerpohl 
4.  Nebraska Rural Futures Conference $400
 Trudy Rice 
1.  Harvest and Toxicity Issues of Drought-Stressed Crops$2,000  
 Jeanne Falk and Sandy Johnson 
1. Full Circle ... An Aging Expo$2,000
 Kathy Lupfer-Nielsen and Anna Muir 
2. Shawnee County 4-H Special Interest Club$1,700
 Sarah Laib 
1.  Aging with Attitude -- A Regional Expo$ 1,200
  Gayle Price 
2.  Breakfast 101$ 1,000
   Tranda Watts 
3.  Trends and Safe Practices in Home Food Preservation$ 1,150
  Mary L. Meck Higgins 
4.  Greenhouse/Education Center$ 2,500
  Jamie Hancock 
1.  Engaging Volunteers in Extension Districts$ 1,500
  Rod Buchele and Diane Mack 
1.  Cultivating Community Leadership$ 1,200
 Robert Wilson, Debra Bolton, and Sherry Davis 
2.   National Volunteer Forum$ 1,200
 Daryl Waldren, Rob Buchele, Diane Mack, and Beth Hinshaw 
1.   4-H Healthy Lifestyles$ 500
 Andrea Schmidt and Jodi Besthorn 
2.   4-H Cloverbud After-School Program$ 500
 Angela Abts 
3.   ESP Members Galaxy Scholarship$ 1,600
 Laurie Chandler 
4.   Career Fair 2007$ 1,000
 Nadine Sigle 
5.   Food Preservation Update Training$ 1,400
 Karen Blakeslee 
1.   Transitions in Family Farm Management$ 500
 Kathy Lupfer-Nielsen 
2.   OSU Swine Learning Lab Kit for SE Area$373.68
 Phyllis Kriesel for Little Balkans Clover Foundation 
3.   Shrub Roses for Community Beautification$ 500
 Bob Neier 
4.    Latino Marital and Relationship Curriculum Development$ 500
 Charlotte Olsen 
5.   Statewide Kansas 4-H Youth Development Program Update Training$ 800
 Beth Hinshaw/Beth Hecht 
6.   Team Building & True Communications$ 400
 Connie Hoch/L. Ann Domsch 
7.   Foundations of Practice Community Development Training$ 1,200
 Dan Kahl 
8.   Mexico: Its People, Culture, and Immigration Pressures$ 500
 Donna Martinson 
9.   Cultural, Economic and Language Immersion in Mexico$ 1,000
 Debra Bolton/Mary Sullivan 
1.   Epsilon Sigma Phi National Conference$ 1,500
 Stacey Warner/Marie Blythe 
2.   Full Circle. . .An Aging Expo$ 1,000
 Tranda Watts 
3.   Fort Riley Military Outreach Project$ 1,000
 Jennifer Wilson 
Awarded October 2004 
1.   Master Food Volunteer Conference$ 1,000
 Karen Blakeslee/Gayle Price/Denise Dias 
2.   National Conference Attendance$ 1,500
 Stacey Warner/Marie Blythe 
3.   Spanish Translation$ 500
 Margaret Phillips/Mike Bradshaw 
4.   National Extension Conference on Volunteerism$ 2,635
 Diane Mack/Beth Hinshaw/Rod Buchele/Walter Barker/Pat McNally 
Awarded January 2004 
1.   School-Based 4-H Clubs$ 950
 Beth Drescher 
2.   Focusing on 4-H Club Management$ 625
 Diane Mack/Rod Buchele 
3.   Youth Gardening Program$ 700
 Evelyn Neier/Pam Paulsen 
4.   Metro 4-H Agents Professional Development Tour$ 1,500
 Pam Van Horn and 14 others 
1.   State 4-H Venturers Program Outdoor Certification Training$ 1,000
 Pat Fultz 
2.   Unlocking Program Potential Through Key Volunteers$ 1,000
 Diane Mack/Beth Hinshaw 
3.   Kansas 4-H Teens Horse Leadership Program$ 1,000
 Ann Domsch 
1.   Open Doors: A Personal and Professional Journey Where We Come Together - Workshop$ 900
 Carol Young 

2.   Master 4-H Volunteer Institute - A Program Designed to Train Middle Management 4-H Volunteers

$ 1,000
 Walter Barker/Jodi Besthorn 
3.   Fort Focus 4-H Leader Training Series$ 675
 Elizabeth Hecht 
1.   Master Composter Program$ 500
 Bob Neier, Sedgwick County Horticulture Agent 
2.   People Builders$ 500
 Pat Fultz, State 4-H Youth Development Specialist 
3.   Life's Tapestries$ 500
 Marla Day, State Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design Extension Assistant 
4.   4-H Housing Authority Camp$ 600
 Peggy Berrier Boyd, Wyandotte County 4-H Youth Development Agent 
5.   Families and Divorce$ 300
 Charlotte Olsen, Family Systems State Specialist 
6.   Youth Friends Mentoring$ 300
 Crystal Coffman, Miami County 4-H Youth Development Agent 
7.   RETHINK Anger$ 500
 Carol Young, Southwest Area Family and Consumer Science Specialist 
1.   Professional Development to become a Registered Dietitian$ 250
 Tandy Rundus, Republic County FACS Agent 
2.   Distance Learning Network 4-H/Open Class Judges Training and FCE Leader Training$ 425
 Tandy Rundus, Republic County Extension Agent;
Pat Gerhardt, Cloud County Extension Agent;
Deanna Sweat, Jewell County Extension Agent;
Kathy Lupfer-Nielson, Post Rock Extension Distrtict #1
3.   Welcome to the Real World (Career Exploration for 8th Grade students)$ 750
 Lori Nelson, Bulter County Extension Agent, 4-H & Youth 
4.   Horace Mann Classroom 4-H Clubs$ 750
 Beth Drescher, Sedgwick County Extension Agent, 4-H & Youth 
5.   4-H 101 - Master 4-H Leaders$ 300
 Glenn Brunkow, Pottawatomie & Wabaunsee 4-H & Youth Agent
Mike Cole, Geary County 4-H & Youth Agent
Jennifer Wilson, Riley County 4-H & Youth Agent
6.   Adventures in Pyramid Land$ 500

Sedgwick County Extension Agents:
        Jan McMahon, EFNEP Teresa Lang, FACS;
        Jodi Besthorn, 4-H and Youth; Bradley Goering, Agriculture

7.   Reno County Extension Junior Master Gardener Program$ 500

Reno County Extension Agents:
        Pam Paulsen, Horticulture;
        Barbara Lilyhorn, FACS and Youth

1.   Distance Education - Non-credit Extension Course on Couples Communication$ 850
 Marsha Weaver, Dickinson County Extension FACS Agent 
2.   Targeting Life Skill Development$ 150
 Ann Domsch, SE Area Extension Specialist, 4-H and Youth 
3.   Rethink Anger - An Anger Management Program$ 525
 Libby Curry, NW Area Extension Specialist, FACS and Carol Young SW Area Extension Specialist, FACS 
4.   Managing Time, Work and Family$ 500
 Peggy Roe, Decatur/Rawlins County Extension FACS Agent 
5.   Protect Your Family from Lead Poisoning$ 500
 Denise Dias, Sedgwick County Extension FACS Agent 
6.   "Time Out for Families" Family Retreat$ 750
 Diane Nielson, Atchison County Extension FACS & 4-H Agent;
Carol Baurele, Brown County Extension FACS Agent;
Billy D. Wood, Doniphan County Extension Agent;
Nancy Nelson Jackson County Extension FACS Agent;
Cindy Williams, Jefferson County Extension FACS Agent; and
Nancy Gafford, Nemaha County Extension FACS Agent
7.   Master Volunteer Food Leaders$ 750
 Gayle Price, SE Area Specialist, FACS;
Karen Penner, State Specialist, Food Science;
Carla Morical-Frederking, Ellis County Extension FACS Agent;
Teresa Lang, Sedgwick County Extension FACS Agent;
Margeret Phillips, SC Area Specialist, FACS;
Emily Mark, NE Area Specialist, FACS;
Laurie Chandler, Shawnee County Extension FACS Agent; and
Steve Fisher, State Specialist, 4-H and Youth
1.   Classroom Clubs for Horace Mann School$ 700
 Beth Drescher and Eric Otte, Sedgwick County Extension 4-H Agents 
2.   Plants in the Classroom$ 300
 Jennifer Wilson, Riley County Extension 4-H Agent 
3.   Teen Leadership Area Workshop$ 190
 Ann Domsch, SE Area Extension Specialist, 4-H and Youth 
4.   4-H Winner Break - Teen Leadership$ 600
 Beth Hecht, Leavenworth County Extension 4-H Agent; Al Davis, Johnson County Extension 4-H Agent; and Roy Lee Lindsey, Douglas County Extension 4-H Agent 
5.   Leadership Innovative for Educators$ 750
 Pat Fultz, Extension Specialist, 4-H and Youth 
1.   School Food Service Personnel Technical Assistance$ 700
 Purchase and utilization of a Nutri-Kids nutrition analysis software program in training and consulting food service personnel to improve the meals of school age youth in seven school districts.

Trandy Rundus, Republic County FACS Extension Agent and
Glenda Keller, Washington County Extension FACS Agent.

2.   Where My Food Comes From$ 350
 Development of an educational exhibit for use by Extension faculty in the Southeast Area to help youth better understand the food chain.

Ann Domsch, SE Area Extension Specialist, 4-H and Youth

3.   Growing Up Female$ 500
 Development of a Rock Springs Ranch retreat for mothers and 11-13 year old daughters to spend special time together learning about the family values, communication and decision-making skills, and self esteem. ( Project involved other FACS agents in a seven county block)

Sharolyn Flaming, Riley County Extension FACS Agent

4.   Creating A Foods, Nutrition and Horticulture Netscape Bookmark File$ 462
 Creation and distribution of diskettes to on and off campus Extension offices to enable them to easily access food, nutrition and horticulture sites and information sources on World Wide Web(WWW).

Robert Brannan, Coordinator of Rapid Response Center in Extension FACS and Ward Upham, Coordinator of Rapid Response Center in Extension Horticulture

1.   BUY$: Building an Understanding of Your Spending$ 175
 Five, financial management program classes designed to provide Cloud County participants, including spouses and significant others, with knowledge, skills and resource materials needed to use money more wisely.

Patricia Gerhardt, County Extension Agent, Cloud County

2.   4-H TAXI Volunteer Management$ 250
 Implementation of volunteer management systems, including educational training of community volunteers (adults and teenagers) involved in the development of 4-H members and youth in Norton and other Northwest Area counties. 
3.   Managing Time, Work and Family$ 500
 Pilot educational program series on managing time, work and family for community residents in the counties of Douglas, Franklin, Johnson, Miami, Osage, Leavenworth, Shawnee and Wyandotte.

Emily Mark, Extension Specialist-FACS, Northeast Area

4.   Planning for Change: Anticipating Local Policy Consequences$ 500
 Computer software program (Micro-IMPLAN) utilization and specialist consultation to assist Extension agents and local public officials on a state-wide basis to assess economic policy alternatives and consequences.

John Leatherman, Extension Agricultural Economist

5.   Pollution Prevention Awareness$ 500
 Ten seminars across the State to familiarize Extension agents with Pollution Prevention Institute services and the benefits of pollution control to rural residents and businesses, as well as farms and ranches.

Sherry Davis, Extension Specialist, Pollution Prevention

1.   Folio VIEWS Infobase Training$ 500
 Three-day training session by a consultant for about 20 Extension and College of Agriculture departmental personnel and Electronic Publishing Committee members on designing and developing computer information bases.

George Brandsberg, Editor/Information Technologist

Department of Communications

2.   21st Century Extension Leadership$ 500
 Pilot program consisting of a series of workshops to enhance the leadership and program planning capacity of Extension agents in the South Central Area. (Proposal modified: program now designed for agents and specialists on state wide basis.)

Margaret Phillips, Extension Specialist-FACS, South Central

1.   Cattle Marketing Educational Workshops$ 600
 County and area cattle marketing workshops for cow-calf producers, cattle feeders, cattle buyers, feedlot managers, and Extension agents on how to effectively buy and sell cattle.

Jim Mintert, Extension Agricultural Economist

2.   Districting in the 90's$ 150
 One-day workshop on Extension districting (including finances, job descriptions, program divisions and travel) for about 14 agents and board chairs from Ellsworth, Mitchell, Lincoln and Ottawa counties. 
3.   Energizing Extension through Individual Initiative & Shared Leadership$ 500
 In-Service education for about 75 area and state Extension specialists on concepts and methodology of a leadership style emphasizing increased service to others, a holistic approach to work, promoting a sense of community, and sharing power in decision making.

Karen Penner, State Extension Leader, Foods and Nutrition

Katey Walker, Extension Specialist, Family Res./Public Policy

1.   Southeast Area Staff Development Retreat$ 1,000
 One-day retreat for about 60 Southeast Area agents and specialists to enhance and improve their problem solving, creative thinking, communications, trust building, and teamwork. 
2.   Talking Pamphlets$ 620
 Audio-cassette, "talking pamphlets", produced in three languages ( English, Spanish, and Vietnamese) for Sedgwick County Extension clientele on family life and money management. 
3.   True Colors$ 350
 Participation in " True Colors" training program and use of information in training Washington County 4-H volunteer leaders on youth personalities and motivation.

Glenda Keller, County Extension Agent, Washington County.