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Fifth International Microirrigation Congress, April 2-6, 1995 Orlando, Florida

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Technical Sessions
Allen Smajstrla, 1948-99
Microirrigation for a Changing World


     This page is dedicated to the memory of Allen Smajstrla, General Co-Chair of the Congress.The Fifth International Microirrigation Congress was convened April 2-6, 1995 in Orlando, Florida (USA) for the presentation of new developments in microirrigation. The Congress brought together scientists, consultants, designers, managers, manufacturers, users, and environmental and resource regulators. The Congress truly was an international forum featuring 156 technical presentations representing the work of 313 authors from 28 different countries throughout the world. The strong participation by so many authors from so many countries greatly contributed to the success and quality of the Congress. 

     The Table of Contents, Author Index, Subject Index and Session Abstracts presented here are for your benefit of having an electronic file format. Please contact the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) to purchase a full-text copy of the 156 presentations