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Kansas Value Added Foods Lab

Kansas Value Added Foods Lab
Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS 66506

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2024 Local Foods Regional Workshops

Four locations hosted workshops for local foods entrepreneurs to learn about food safety, business practices, sales tax and more. Recordings from the Olathe location can be found at:

Food Safety for Food Entrepreneurs - Fall 2022 webinar recordings 

These webinars were presented by the North Central Food Safety Extension Network.

Supplemental fact sheets for each webinar.

Workshops for Food Processors

Acidified Foods Manufacturing Schools - for acidic and formulated acid products

North Carolina State University - Acidified Foods Manufacturing School
On demand

University of Nebraska – Better Process Control School for Acidified Foods only
December 2024

Online Better Process Control School - includes low acid and acid foods
University of Tennessee
On demand

University of Georgia – Online Better Process Control School
On demand

HACCP Workshops

Workshops for Meat Processors are scheduled through the year. A list of workshops can be found on the KSU Meat Science web site.