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2017 Kansas wildfire videos


Kansas 4-H Lending a Hand To Help Feed Orphan Calves


Reflections on the Clark County Wildfires


Post-fire cattle health - A.J. Tarpoff, K-State beef veterinarian


Managing rangeland following wildfire - Walt Fick, K-State rangeland specialist


2017 Kansas wildfire news stories

After the fireRain helps fire-damaged grasslands recover in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma
Ag producers from two states come together for information on how to manage lands
(May 31)

Wildland Fire Action GuideReady, Set, Go! Wildland Fire Action Guide available now
Wildland Fire Action Guide provides tips on how to protect homes from wildfire
(April 10)

Rangeland management after wildfireNew publication: Rangeland Management following Wildfire
Free, informative download from the K-State Department of Agronomy
(March 28)

Kansas Forest Service truckKansas under fire, Kansas Forest Service steps up to help
Kansas Forest Service helps lead fire response across the state 
(March 16)

calf careK-State veterinarian offers advice for care of cattle that survived devastating fires
Orphaned calves, burn injuries top long list of challenging decisions 
(March 16)

2017-wildfires-grassland-mgmtMoisture, higher temps become critical for SW Kansas grasslands
Reducing stocking rate may also be an option for some cattlemen 
(March 14)

orphaned calvesKansas Wildfires: 4-Hers, volunteers rally to save orphaned calves
Foster families providing care until producers can rebuild facilities 
(March 13)

2017-wildfires-preventionAs Kansas wildfires burn, experts urge caution, awareness
Avoiding sparks, heat sources can reduce risk of more fires 
(March 10)

2017-wildfires-propertyFollowing devastating property loss, documentation is key to recovery
If emotional impact is too great, ask for help 
(March 10)

cattle-windmillWater, feed critical for cattle affected by wildfires
K-State beef systems specialist offers tips for affected ranchers and their herds 
(March 9)

Kansans help their neighbors deal with record-setting wildfires
Kansas Forest Service, K-State Research and Extension agents help lead fire response across the state 
(March 8)


K-State Radio Network logo

Wildfire coverage from the Agriculture Today radio program

(Click the links to listen)

Managing After WildfireComments from three individuals who took part in a post-wildfire management meeting last week in Clark County, co-sponsored by K-State and Oklahoma State University, which provided information on managing grasslands following the historic wildfires in early March (May 22)

Wildfires UpdateLarry Biles reflects the recent disaster, and on new action by the state legislature to allow firefighting resources from adjoining states to immediately assist. (April 5)

Wildfire Emergency Assistance Update - Rod Winkler of the FSA provides an update on USDA recovery cost-share opportunities under the Emergency Conservation Program and emergency grazing of Conservation Reserve Program acres (March 21)

USDA Programs to Help Livestock Producers, Part 1 - FSA's Blaine Rutherford details two programs that assist producers with losses from last week's wildfires:  the Livestock Indemnity Program and the Emergency Livestock Assistance Program (March 15)

USDA Programs to Help Livestock Producers, Part 2 (March 15)

Post-fire Cattle Health - A. J. Tarpoff, K-State beef veterinarian, looks at covering the nutritional needs of orphaned calves and dealing with longer-term health problems incurred by cows and bulls which survived last week's wildfires (March 14)

Managing Rangeland following Wildfire - Walt Fick, K-State range management expert, talks about likely regrowth on burned acres and stocking rate adjustments that producers should consider for long-term recovery of those grasslands (March 13)

Livestock Loss - Ken Powell of KDHE discusses the state regulations regarding the disposal of livestock lost to this week's destructive wildfires, plus the day's ag news (March 10)

Cattle Nutrition after Wildfire - Justin Waggoner, K-State beef systems specialist, emphasizes the immediate need for adequate water for cattle and looks at the option of putting the cow herd on wheat pasture as a short-term nutritional resource (March 9)