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Youth and Teens


Kansas State University
School of Family Studies and Human Services-Extension
1324 Lovers Lane
343 Justin Hall
Manhattan, KS 66502-1411

Program Staff and Web Managers

Elaine M. Johannes, Ph.D.
Professor/Youth and Teens

Paula M. Seele
Administrative Assistant

Adam Cless
Graduate Assistant

K-State Research and Extension Agents in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)

K-State Research and Extension Program Focus Team in Family Development

Co-Chairs: Lisa Newman; Elaine Johannes

Members: Deb Andres; Crystal Bashford; Debra Bolton; Libby Curry; Ann Domsch; Dottie Durband; Patricia Gerhardt; Linda Gilmore; Chuckie Hessong; Elaine Johannes; Amy Lorenzen; Rebecca McFarland; Janae McNally; Chiquita Miller; Lisa Newman; Paula Peters (Extension Administration); Nora Rhoades; Chelsea Richmond; Roberts Riportella; Charlotte Shoup Olsen; Erin Tynon; Bradford Wiles

Connect for Youth


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