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SDI in the Great Plains​

Plenary Sessions

  1. Promoting Professionalism in Farmer Managed Irrigation Schemes to Improve the Performance of Irrigated Agriculture
  2. Optimizing Crop Production and Crop Water management Under Reduced Water Supply
  3. Gender and Poverty Dimensions of Irrigation Techniques for Technical People
  4. Technological Development of Micro-Irrigation and it's Applications in Developing Countries
  5. First-Order Economizing: Irrigation Technology Adoption and the Farm
  6. Irrigation Sustainability

Parallel Sessions

  1. Irrigation Management
  2. Economic Feasibility
  3. Appropriate Technology and Developing Irrigation: Gender Social and Training Aspects
  4. The Soil Environment
  5. Environmental Impact
  6. Appropriate Technology and Developing Irrigation: Gender Social and Training Aspects
  7. Crop Water Use
  8. Technical Development and Application
  9. Regional/Country Experiences

Poster Session

  1. Estimated Water Content in Widely spaced Micro-Irrigated Crops With a Two Dimensional Water and Energy Balance Model
  2. Efficient Water Use and Water Saving By Micro-Irrigation
  3. Response to Some Apple Trees to Some Irrigation Treatments in New Reclaimed Soils
  4. Modeling of the Nitrate Balance at Catchment Scale Using a Quasi-Two Dimensional Mechanistic Model in Combination With GIS
  5. Effect of Weather Variables on Evaporative Losses in Micro-Irrigation
  6. Response of Tomato Under Drip-Irrigation and Plastic Mulching
  7. Rootstock/Scion Responses to Variable Salinity in Irrigation Water
  8. Response of Cowpea under Microsprinkler and Surface Methods of Irrigation
  9. Modification of Microclimate and Soil Moisture by Recycled Paper Mulch in Micro Irrigated Fields
  10. Decantation and Filtration of Surface Water for Micro-Irrigation
  11. Water Availability and Yield Response to High-Frequency Micro-Irrigation in Sunflowers
  12. Yield, Water applied and Economics of Drip Irrigated Mango Orchard in India
  13. Response of Biometric Yield of Chilli Under Microsprinkler and Other Methods of Irrigation
  14. Mobile Drip Irrigation: An Alternative to Irrigation With Nozzles

Workshop: Micro-Irrigation in Developing Agriculture - Gender Techniques for Technical people

  1. Pedaling Out of Poverty: Social Impact of a Manual Irrigation Technology in south Asia
  2. Policies Option and Issues For Gender-Balanced Irrigation Development - Discussion Notes