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SDI in the Great Plains​

Posters from 2009 SDI Technology Field Days in August

Introduction to SDI Posters

What is SDI?
SDI Pros and Cons
The Ogallala and the Potential for SDI

SDI Design and System Performance Issues Posters

Minimal System Requirements for SDI
Steps to a Successful SDI System
Filtration for SDI Systems
Slope Considerations for SDI
Spacing of Driplines for Corn Production
Effect of Emitter Spacing on Corn Production
Corn Production with Alternative SDI Designs
How Can I Use Records of Pressure and Flow Measurements to Diagnose SDI System Problems?
In-field Evaluation of SDI Systems

Irrigation System Comparison Posters

Comparison of SDI with Alternative Irrigation Methods
Comparison of SDI and Simulated LEPA Sprinkler Irrigation for Corn

SDI Crop Management and Application Issues Posters

Corn Management with SDI to Save Water Resources
SDI with Temperature-Time Threshold (TTT)
Application of Biological Effluent with SDI
Alfalfa Production with SDI

SDI Economic Issue Poster

Can We Make it Work and Can We Make it Pay?