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Ag Environmental Health and Safety

EH&S Committees

Executive EH&S Committee

The Executive EH&S Committee provides oversight and guidance to the Environmental Health and Safety Office.  The Committee is made up of leadership within the College of Agriculture.  They discharge their responsibilities by being actively engaged in the Executive EH&S Committee and supportive of ongoing EH&S risk reduction efforts.  The Committee's charter describes the roles and responsibilities of the membership.  Their work flow is designed to maximize the attention given to high risk conditions and practices within the College.

Executive EH&S Committee Charter

EH&S Working Group Subcommittee Charter

Departmental EH&S Committees

Each department is encouraged to establish an EH&S committee.  The purpose of forming this committee is to address the unique needs of the department based on risks and exposures inherent in the activities and services they provide. Committee members should be selected to represent the interests of administration, faculty, staff and students.  The EH&S Office will coordinate training to ensure that committee members have the information and skills necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.

Each departmental committee should establish EH&S objectives and deadlines for meeting those objectives.  The objectives should be based on accident and incident history, regulations, known hazards, industry standards, expressed concerns of employees, self-inspections, and recommendations of the executive safety advisory committee.  The EH&S Office will assist the departmental committees in this process.

Departmental EH&S Committee Fact Sheet


KSU’s College of Agriculture is committed to:
  • Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for its students, faculty, staff, visitors and neighbors and to
  • Fostering a culture of health, safety and environmental protection among users of all its agricultural facilities.
EH&S Leadership Team
  • 3.22.19 EHS Presentation, The 5 W's
  • 12.15.20 EHS Resource Guide Review
EH&S Coordinator Workshop
  • 1.30.19 EHS Coordinator Planning Workshop
  • 7.30.20 EHS Coordinator and Friends Zoom Workshop