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Ag Environmental Health and Safety

Training for Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers

Our training offerings are delivered in classroom sessions and through web-based, online instruction.  We have listed out the training by date and category in the course listings to provide you a better perspective of who needs the training and when it is required.

1.  Regulatory Driven Training Documents

2.  New Employee EH&S Orientation

3.  Live Training Sessions

Contact the EH&S Office for details on the WPS and Skid-Steer Loader live training sessions.

4.  Online Training Offerings through CITI (Log-on Instructions)

  • WPS Training Classes

Online Training is now available through CITI for Agricultural Workers and Pesticides Handlers.  If you work with or are around pesticides, you are required to complete the worker or the handler training, respectively.

  • Skid-Steer Loader Training

When operating, servicing, or working around skid-steer loader training is required. The classroom portion of the training is available online through CITI.

The second portion of the training is operating a loader in the field.  Contact your supervisor or instructor to schedule the hands-on training.

Additional information on the safety aspects of skid-steer loaders is described in this booklet and illustrated in this video

5.  Online Training Offerings through VIVID  (Contact your Departmental EH&S Coordinator for further information)

6.  Lifting Safely Training

7.  Forklift Performance Audit Training

8.  Grain Facilities Training 

9. Lab coat Appropriate Selection

10.   K-State Research and Education (KSRE) Bookstore

At the KSRE Bookstore, health, safety, and environmental training materials are available for download as a printable pdf.  Click-on the following link for access to the training materials:

11.  Occupational Safety an Health Administration (OSHA) Publications 


Learning Tools

The EH&S learning platform we offer is designed for the adult learner. We test your competency and retention of the material with the expectation that you will be better equipped to conduct your work safely and protect our environment.  Our training offerings continue to grow, so please check back frequently.