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Family and Consumer Sciences

Katey Walker Award for Professional Development



Award Information for 2015



Purpose of the Award


The Katey Walker Extension Development fund honors Dr. Walker for her outstanding contributions to K-State Research and Extension.  The award, presented annually, will support innovative educational program methods, evaluation, documentation and/or marketing by family and consumer sciences extension professionals.  Katey served as the Extension Family Resources and Public Policy Specialist in the School of Family Studies and Human Services from 1984-2003.




This fund supports local and/or area extension programs that address issues affecting Kansas individuals, families, and/or communities.  Priority consideration will be given to public policy education, leadership development, program assessment, and family proposals.




For 2015, two to three awards in the $200-$400 range will be funded.  Awards will be payable to the extension offices that sponsor the programs or projects.  The awards may fund development of educational and marketing materials, evaluation designs, printing, postage, meeting costs, speaker honoraria, and other operating expenses.




Complete the attached application form and return it to the College of Human Ecology Dean’s Office no later than September 1, 2015 (no more than two or three pages) attached to an email to: Julie Clark jkclark.ksu.edu> or by mail to the Kansas State University College of Human Ecology Dean’s Office, 119 Justin Hall, Manhattan, Kansas 66506-1401.


Award recipients will provide a summary of project accomplishments no later than August 1, 2016.

Click here for award application.