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Family and Consumer Sciences

February 2022 Update Agenda

February 2021 Update Agenda

Presentations from February 2020 Update

Med Instead of Meds

Alternative Protein Sources

Presentations from February 2019 Update

Mental Health First Aid

Why Isn't This Working?  The Elusive Concept of P.S.E. Change

Presentations From August 2018 Update

Babysitting Training Curriculum for Adolescents In Your Communities

So Now What . . . ? Managing Life After Retirement

Community Conversations About Health

Food Safety For At-Risk Populations

Choose Wisely:  For Health and Wealth   Goals Sheet     Evaluation

Food Safety For Food Handler:  ServSafe Program


Presentations From August 2017 Update

"Health Extension, Framework of Health, Socioecological Model, PSE, Culture of Health . . . What Does It All Mean And How Will We Get There?”

Introduction and Michelle Rodgers Presentation:


Panel Discussion:


Alzheimers 101

Donating Safe and Nutritious Food To Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens 

Family Dance

Healthy Cooking Styles

Meals Under Pressure

Move More Sit Less

E2: Entrepreneurship Experience (Tagline: “Create Your Own Future”)

With This Ring ... We Plan

Presentations from February 2017 Update


How to Write Good Success Stories

Policy, System and Environmental Work

Add a Little Food Safety to Your Recipe

Explicit and Implict Bias and Debiasing Strategies

Gestational Diabetes Management                           Recommended Guidelines

Kansas Health Extension:  Implementing the Community Health Ambassador Program in Kansas

Better Brains for Babies

Advance Health Care Planning in Kansas

Spring Forward to Financial Success with America Saves Week and Money Smart Week

Life and the Practice of Mindfulness, Part II

Presentations from August 2016 Update


Is It Safe?  Information on GMOs and Organic Foods for Consumers

Presentations from February 2016 Update


The Art of Facilitation - Trudy Rice


Making Group DecisionsGuidelines for Using Consensus
Consider Before Getting StartedGather Ideas or Data
Story BoardingIdea Writing
Affinity MappingFishbone Diagram
Nominal Group TechniqueFist to Five
Fish BowlDecision-Making Case Study
Basic Tools and TechniquesHints for Recording Input
Brain DrainData Dump
SOAR AnalysisMind Mapping
Worst-BestDecision-Making Matrix

Standard Processes


PSEs and You -  Hannah Boeh


2016 Dietary Guidelines - Mary Meck Higgins


Presentations From August 2015 Update


Gluten and Your Gut's Good Health - Sandy Procter

Additional Gluten Handouts:

Gluten and Your Gut's Good Health, Fact Sheet

Gluten and Your Gut's Good Health, Leader's Guide

Gluten and Your Gut's Good Health-brochure

Gluten-free recipes


What's New in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans? - Mary Meck Higgins


Presentations From August 2014 Update

Nutrition Banking - Tanda Kidd

Presentations from August 2013 Update 

Changing Cultural Norms - Judd Allen

Wellness Leaders: Creating Healthier and More Productive Environments at Home and Work - Judd Allen

Presentations From February 2013 Update

Food Safety Competencies for Educators: A Focus on Noroviruses - Angela Fraser

Recommended Food Safety Resources Handout -  Angela Fraser

Food Safety and Childcare Facilities - Angela Fraser

Serious Games for Serious Change: Engaging Clients with Game-Based Learning  - Ben Ward and Linda Yarrow



February 8-11, 2021 - Virtual
August 23-26, 2021 - TBD, If Possible, at KSU Alumni Ctr

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