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Historical Publications Archive

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K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

CAUTION: Recommendations in historical publications may be obsolete and in violation of laws regulating pesticide use. They are included here as a matter of historical interest.

Extension Prior-Year Publications, K-State Research and Extension

Cooperative Extension publications from prior years.

These documents are no longer distributed, but may have research value.

Let's Go Fishing, 4H427, 2000
Out of Ideas? A Leader’s Handbook, 4H455, 1982
Handbook for Agents: Starting and Maintaining Clubs, 4H506
4-H Events Poster Pack, 4H932, 2006
4-H Coloring Book, 4H987, 2010
Join the Club Flier, Spanish: Unete al Club, 4HMK14S
Kansas 4-H Beef Leader Notebook, S100, 1994

Getting the Most out of County Extension Meetings, EP79, 2000
Major Program Development 1996-98, MF2028, 1995
The Extension Worker's Code, Bulletin 33, 1922

Clothing and Textiles
Spot and Stain Removal Guide for Washable Fabrics, C638, 1991
Selecting and Using Interfacing, L558, 1981
Reducing Bacteria in Clothing and Textiles, MF1130, 1993
How to Clean and Disinfect Textiles, MF1132, 1993
How to Save Upholstered Furniture, Carpet, Bedding, MF1133, 1993
Wear Protective Clothing During Flood Cleanup, MF1134, 1993
Basic Apparel Management, S134H, 2000

CRP, Evaluating the Options, MF2078, 1995
Prescribed Burning Programs
, MF2334, 1998
Management of Urea Fertilizers, NCR326, 1988
Wheat Diseases, S23, 1984

Managing Insect Problems in Beef Cattle, C671, Entomology 200, 1997
Lice, Mange, and Other Swine Insect Problems, C676, Entomology 230, 1997
Africanized Honey Bees, L843, 1991
Greenbug: A Pest in Wheat, MF925,  Entomology 163, 1991
Powder Post Beetles and Furniture Beetles, MF1125, Entomology 129, 1994
Hessian Fly, MF1076, 1993
Alfalfa Weevil Management in Kansas II, MF918, 1989
Biological Fly Control, MF2223, 1998

Keeping Melvern Lake Clean, EP74, 2000
Irrigation Management: Irrigation Water Measurement, L877, 1993
Understanding Your Water Test Report, MF912, 2004
Sodium in Drinking Water, MF1094, 2002
Organic Chemicals and Radionuclides in Drinking Water, MF1142, 2003
Economic Comparison of SDI and Center Pivots for Various Field Sizes, MF2242, 1997
County Sanitary Code: Protect Drinking Water in Kansas, MF2331, 2010
Obtaining Safe Water from Private Wells, MF2345, 1998
Economics of Converting from Surface to Sprinkler Irrigation for Various Pumping Capacities, MF2471, 2000
Assessing Tomorrow's Watersheds, MF2486, 2000
FuelCost: An Irrigation Fuel Cost Evaluator, MF2587, 2006

Family Economics
Cost of Comfort: Teaching Guide, GT342, 1994
Adjusting to Financial Problems: Making Ends Meet, L809, 1990
Coping with Stress: Making Ends Meet, L810, 1990
Making Ends Meet: Using Community and Family Resources, L811, 2002
Sharpening Survival Skills: Making Ends Meet, L812, 1990
Improving Decision-Making Skills, MF873, 1987
Setting Goals for Resource Management and Consumer Purchases, MF874, 1987
Consumer Choice: Product Warranties and Service Contracts, MF900, 1992
Consumer Choice: Using Information in Purchasing Decisions, MF928, 1989
Consumer Choice: Rights and Responsibilities, MF929, 1989
Consumer Choice: Buying Consumer Services, MF934, 1989
Planning Major Purchases Around Seasonal Sales, MF1051, 1992
Be a Winner, Avoid Consumer Fraud-Fact Sheet, MF2228, 1996
Managing Time, Work, and Family: Goal-Setting Fact Sheet, MF2249, 1997
Managing Time, Work, and Family: Decision-Making Fact Sheet, MF2250, 1997
Managing Time, Work, and Family: Communication Fact Sheet, MF2251, 1997
Managing Time, Work, and Family: Time Management Fact Sheet, MF2252, 1997
Managing Time, Work, and Family: Stress Management Fact Sheet, MF2253, 1997
Managing Time, Work, and Family: Organizing the Household Fact Sheet, MF2254, 1997
Managing Time, Work, and Family: Delegating Fact Sheet, MF2255, 1997
Managing Time, Work, and Family: Getting Children to Help Fact Sheet, MF2256, 1997
Privacy in the Information Age, Fact Sheet, MF2281, 1997
Privacy in the Information Age Skit: A Quiet Evening at Home, MF2281A, 1997

Family Living
Ready Set Go! Operation: Military Kids, Short Course Leader's Guide, EP151, 2008
Learning to Live through Loss: A Teaching Guide, GT317, 1991
When Violence Hits Home: Bringing the Facts to Light: Teaching Guide, GT337, 1994
How Can I Help My Friend? She’s Being Hurt at Home: When Violence Hits Home, GT337A, 1994
Celebrate Your Family: Our Family Strengths, MF776, 1985
Celebrate Your Family: Time Together, MF777, 1985
Celebrate Your Family: Communication, MF778, 1985
Celebrate Your Family: Appreciation, MF779, 1985
Celebrate Your Family: Weekly Meeting, MF780, 1985
Celebrate Your Family: Family Rituals, MF781, 1985
Friends Indeed: A Course in Helping, MF806, 1986
Self-Esteem in Parents and Children, MF955, 1990
Assist by Caring Today, MF1062, 1993
Flood... of Emotions, MF1127, 1993
Flood of Emotions: When Crisis Becomes Chronic, MF1129, 1999
Flood of Emotions: The Anniversary, MF1152,1993
Flood of Emotions...Will It ever End?, MF1154, 1993
When Violence hits Home: Bringing the Facts to Light, MF1162, 1994
Creating Communities that Care about Parents, MF2309, 1998
Employer Options for Child Care, MF2399, 1999
Youth Violence: Beginning with Bullying, MF2412, 1999
Youth Violence: Beginning with Bullying: Teaching Guide, MF2413, 1999
At the Heart of Their Art, Fact Sheet, MF2414, 1999
At the Heart of their Art: Teaching Guide, MF2415, 1999
Open-K: Opportunities for Prevention Education and Networking in Kansas, MF2429, 1999
Generations in Partnership, Leader's Guide, MF2469, 2000
Generations in Partnership, Fact Sheet, MF2470, 2000
Family Change: Separation & Divorce, a Manual for Parents, MF2539, 2002
Family Change: Separation & Divorce, A Leader's Manual, MF2543, 2002
Everyday Heroes: Leader's Guide, MF2555, 2008
Everyday Heroes, MF2556, 2008
Father Matters: Why Dads Are Important for Their Children, Fact Sheet, MF2923, 2010
Father Matters: Why Dads Are Important for Their Children, Leader's Guide, MF2924, 2010
Social Networking: Making the Connection to Generation Next, Fact Sheet, MF2981, 2011
Social Networking: Making the Connection to Generation Next, Leader’s Guide, MF2982, 2011
100 Ways for a Parent to Say, "Very Good" poster, S31P, 1988

Farm Equipment
Pesticide Storage Facility, AF169, 1988
Sprayer Calibration Nomograph, MF415, 1988

Food, Health
Approximate Storage Times: Refrigerator/Freezer, L805, 1990
Home Fire and Burn Safety: Child Safety, MF644, 1996
Child Safety Series: Water Safety, MF646, 1998
Hantavirus, MF1117, 1994
Stay Healthy after the Flood, MF1138, 1993
Stay Safe after the Flood, MF1139, 1993
Helping the Helpers, MF1140, 1993
Health-Care Delivery Systems and Health-Care Policy, MF2006, 1995
Sugars and Your Health, MF2111, 1995
E. coli O157:H7 and Foodborne Illness, MF2138, 2006
Salmonella and Eggs, MF2139, 2003
Food Safety Training for KanWork, MF2167, 1996
Clostridium Botulinum and Foodborne Illness, MF2171, 2006
Providing Safe Containers for Food Products, MF2183, 1996
It's in the Air!, MF2230, 1996
It's In the Air! Teaching Guide, MF2230A, 1996
Microorganisms and Foodborne Illness, MF2269, 2006
Protect Children from Lead Poisoning, MF2276, 1997
Protect Families from Lead Poisoning, MF2277, 1997
Making Immunizations Easier: A Guide for Reducing Your Child's Fear, MF2278, 1997
Program Updates and Highlights: Food Safety, MF2293, 1997
Color and Oxidative Properties of Irradiated Beef, MF2313, 1998
Steam Pasteurization to Greatly Reduce the Incidence of Pathogens on Beef Carcasses, MF2314, 1998
Making Ground Beef Patties and Sausage Safer, MF2315, 1998
Bone Bank Deposits and Withdrawals Leaders Guide, MF2346, 1998
Bone Bank Deposits and Withdrawals: Fact Sheet, MF2347, 1998
Let's Take It Outside, Leader's Guide, MF2350, 1998
Protect Your Family from Secondhand Smoke, MF2351, 1998
Contract to Protect My Health by Reducing Exposure to Secondhand Smoke, MF2354, 1998
Assess Your Health Risk, MF2355, 1998
Health Check: Leader's Guide, MF2356, 1998
Personal Medical Checkup, MF2357, 1998
Herbs: Magic, Medicine or Mystery?, MF2378, 1999
Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, MF2393, 1999
Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), MF2402, 1999
Fry Now, Pay Later: What is Skin Cancer?, Fact Sheet, MF2410, 1999
Fry Now, Pay Later: Contract to Protect My Health by Reducing Sun Exposure, MF2410A, 1999
Fry Now, Pay Later: Teaching Guide, MF2411, 1999
Food Irradiation, MF2426, 2000
Stroke is a Brain Attack: Leader's Guide, MF2455, 2000
Stroke is a Brain Attack: Fact Sheet, MF2456, 2000
Food Tech: New Tech, Fact Sheet, MF2476, 2000
Omega-3s: Fats You Should and Can Eat, Fact Sheet, MF2519, 2001
Omega-3s: Leader's Guide, MF2520, 2001
UPF Fashion! New Options to Keep UV Rays at Bay, MF2521, 2001
UPF Fashion: Leader's Guide, MF2522, 2001
Youth Suicide: Awareness and Steps Toward Prevention, MF2523, 2001
Youth Suicide: Leader's Guide, MF2524, 2001
Our Neighbors’ Food: Sitting at the Table (Fact Sheet), MF2591, 2003
Our Neighbors’ Food: Sitting at the Table, Leader's Guide, MF2592, 2003
Antimicrobial Resistance and the Food Supply (Fact Sheet), MF2593, 2003
Weigh to Diet, MF2595, 2003
Weigh to Diet, Leader's Guide, MF2596, 2003
Breathing Easy: Controlling Asthma Triggers (Fact Sheet), MF2597, 2003
Breathing Easy: Controlling Asthma Triggers, Leader's Guide, MF2598, 2003
Activity for the Ages, MF2670, 2005
Steps to a Healthier You, MF2686, 2005
Steps to a Healthier You, Leader's Guide, MF2687, 2005
MyPyramid: Steps to a Healthier You, MF2694, 2005
Kansans Move Into Health: Fact Sheet, MF2782, 2007
Kansans Move into Health: Leader's Guide, MF2783, 2007
Feeding Our Youngest, PK10, 2003
Spanish Feeding Our Youngest, Alimentand a nuestro menor, PK11, 2003

Living Snowfences in Kansas, L744, 2006

How to Salvage Flood-Damaged Appliances, MF1131, 1993
Preserving Damaged Family Treasures, MF2180, 1996
Creating Accessible Homes, MF2213, 1996
Creating a Home for a Lifetime: Fact Sheet, MF2418, 1999
Creating a Home for a Lifetime: Leader's Guide, MF2419, 1999

Lawn and Garden
Landscaping the Farmstead, 1983, C568, 1983
Energy Efficient Landscaping, C627, 1982
Hydroponic Systems, Greenhouse Vegetable Production, MF1169, 1994
Christmas Tree Recycling, EP1, 1995
Choosing a Chipper/Shredder, EP15, 1995
Using Wood Chips as Mulch, EP16, 1995

Preventive Herd Health Program, 1998, EP50, 99K
Bovine Leukosis, 1998, EP51, 102K
Dairy "Preventive Herd Health Program" (PHHP), 1996, MF2101, 96K
Abortions (in Cattle), MF972, 1991, 507K
Grass Tetany, MF976, 1991, 51K
Feeding Dairy Cows for Efficient Reproductive Performance, NCR366
Focus on Dairy: A Guide To Successful AI, MF890, 1992
Focus on Dairy: Characteristics of Low Somatic Cell Count (SCC) Herds, MF789, 1985
Vision 2000: Transferring Technology to the Swine Industry, L841, 1992
Using EPDs in a Commercial Herd, MF1082, 1993

Increasing Eastern Bluebirds in Kansas, C720, 1990
Pond Culture of Channel Catfish in the North Central Region, NCR444, 1993
Streambank Revetment, MF2294, 1997