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Extension Food Safety

Microorganisms and Foodborne Illness

The term microorganisms describes a world of very small organisms. Within this world live a variety of bacteria, yeasts and molds that can affect foods in a positive or negative manner. Many cause foodborne illness. For more information on this vast world of microorganisms, see the web sites below.

Have a Problem with Food?

If you have a problem with a food product in Kansas, contact...

The Kansas Department of Agriculture and Kansas Department of Health & Environment just launched "Food Safety Kansas" at www.foodsafetykansas.org/. Here you can report an illness caused by a restaurant, food item, or from an event. You can also report a problem with a restaurant that did NOT cause an illness.

Kansas Department of Agriculture - Please call (785) 564-6767 or email fsl@kda.ks.gov if you have a complaint relating to food from a restaurant, school, senior meal site, retail food store, food service establishment in a retail food store, food manufacturer, or ice cream truck.

Read more about food safety inspection at the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

USDAThe USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service web site "Report a Problem with Food" has a complete list of contact information in the event you have a problem with meat, poultry, and egg products.

FDAFor non-meat foods and animal foods regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, see their web site "How to Report Problem."