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Food Safety for You

Welcome to Extension Food Safety at Kansas State University. We are a leading institution in the area of food safety in teaching, research, and extension. The goals of this program include educating consumers on safe food handling with food preparation, food preservation, food service and more. Many topics are highlighted on this site to help you learn how to safely handle food from the farm to your table.

Hot Off the Press 

Growing Produce Safely for Consumption, Sales or Donations - May 1, 2024

Vacuum and Reduced Oxygen Packaging

Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) of meats and food may offer some benefits to retail food establishments. However, it is important to understand the food safety concerns and know the regulations tied to this type of packaging. This fact sheet explains the type of packaging and food safety concerns and how to mitigate them.


Food Safety in Blessing Boxes

blessing box

Many communities have Blessing Boxes, Parking Lot Pantries, or similar efforts to offer easy access to foods and other items for people in need, which helps improve food security. Such boxes also are convenient places for people to donate food and other items. However, because these pantries are normally outside and subject to extreme temperatures in various seasons of the year, not all foods are safe to donate. It is critical that foods available through “Blessing Boxes” are as safe and nutritious as possible to truly be a blessing to those using the boxes.


ServSafe classes scheduled

ServSafeIn cooperation with the Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association, we offer ServSafe training classes across Kansas. For the complete list of classes for managers and food handlers, see our ServSafe website with lists of dates and locations. Check back often as more classes may be added throughout the year.


Foods Sold Direct to Consumers in Kansas - Updated January 2024

Farmers MarketRegulations and food safety best practices for vendors and farmers market managers and also selling food direct to consumers. This includes information from the Kansas Department of Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension.

Now available in Spanish!

Food Safety Kansas

Report an illness caused by a restaurant, food item, or from an event at "Food Safety Kansas" at www.foodsafetykansas.org/. You can also report a problem with a restaurant that did NOT cause an illness.