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Extension Food Safety

Water Testing Decision Tree

The following factsheet has information on labs for microbial water testing and for pH, salinity, nitrates, nutrients, etc. This decision tree includes information for those testing for produce growers, irrigating crops (other than produce), watering livestock and poultry, and household use.

Microbial Water Testing

Kansas State University and the University of Missouri continue to offer free microbial water testing to all fruit and vegetable growers in KS and MO, as long as funding continues.


For Kansas Growers

For having bottles mailed to you, questions about proper sampling procedures, or to review your water test results, please contact Katelynn Stull (kjstull@ksu.edu  or 913-307-7394.  For coordinating logistics with the Olathe campus, contact Dr. Manreet Bhullar at msbhullar@ksu.edu. Please include your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of your water source. It is highly encouraged to pull a sample every month for 3 months to get a better idea of your water quality, versus one individual snapshot in time. Samples need to be received on ice and within 24 hours of the sample being taken.

For questions about proper sampling procedures or to review your water test results, please contact Katelynn Stull at kjstull@ksu.edu or 913-307-7394.

KDHE Courier System

Please make sure to include contact information in the comment section for results. Please also include sample identifier (e.g. pond 1). Each sample needs its own form. Only collect samples on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. DO NOT drop off samples on Thursday or Friday. The sample must be analyzed by the laboratory within 24 hours of collection. The times listed on the courier pick up schedule are approximate.  You may want to plan to have your sample at the local health department 1-2 hours before the time listed to be sure. For best results, call ahead to your closest drop off location to let them know you are planning to bring a sample and they can advise you on the best time to drop the sample off. Contact Katelynn Stull kjstull@ksu.edu for any questions.


Water Testing Tutorial - Kansas State University Sampling Creek Water - Kansas State University


For Missouri Growers

Water sample kits can be obtained from most local public health departments in Missouri, as well as in some other locations throughout Missouri. Samples can be returned to most local public health departments in Missouri (on ice, within 24 hours of taking the sample). This free testing for Missouri producers will be available as long as funding continues.  More information on collecting water samples and how to submit them in Missouri is available in the following documents: