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Agent Associations

By-Laws and Constitution


Article I

  • Duties of the President:
    • To preside at all regular and special meetings of the Association.
    • To schedule and preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors.
    • To appoint committees with advice of the Executive Committee and approval of the Board.
    • To be an ex-officio member of all committees.
    • To serve as the official representative of the Association or duly authorize a representative.
  • Duties of the President-elect:
    • To assist the president with any assigned duties.
  • Duties of the Vice-President:
    • To act in the absence of the President. This will be the vice-president from the same section as the president.
    • To be in charge of recognition of new members.
    • To be the liaison between standing committees and the Association Board.
  • Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer:
    • To keep accurate minutes and reports of all meetings of the Association.
    • To attend to correspondence as directed by the officers and directors.
    • To receive and keep properly filed all important communications.
    • Maintain records of historical value to the Association.
    • To receive and disburse money and render an accounting of all funds so handled.
    • To serve in an advisory capacity to the budget committee.
    • To have all books closed and audited by the close of the Annual meeting.
    • To deposit funds of the Association in a bank authorized by the Board of Directors.
  • Duties of the Immediate Past President:
    • To act as an advisor.
  • Duties of the Executive Committee:
    • To act in an advisory capacity to the Association and to assist in the formulation of policies to be adopted by the Association.
    • To transact any business of the Association needing immediate action: such action shall be reported at the next meeting of the members.

Article II

  • Committees: 
    • The President with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint all committees.
    • The Board shall have the privilege to make any committee into a standing committee.
    • All committees will report the year's activities at the Annual Meeting and present a written report to the secretary.
    • Standing committees chair and members shall be appointed annually.
  • Standing Committees and Duties:
    • Budget & Audit
      The Budget and Audit Committee shall consist of the treasurer from each section.
      Develop an annual budget.
      Audit the treasurer's books before the Annual Meeting.
      The chair will be the Treasurer from the Current President's section.
    • County Commission Relation
      Make plans for a hospitality event at the State County Commissioners Spring Meeting.
      Coordinate and conduct this event with Kansas Citizens for Extension Education.
      The purpose of this event shall be to inform county commissioners about KSU Cooperative Extension Service.
    • Agent Association Awareness
      Develop methods to inform new agents of the activities of the KACAA, KAEHE KEAFCS, KAE4-HA and Epsilon Sigma Phi and the professional and personal benefits that can be gained by becoming involved.
      Work with Extension staff and the new agent orientation committee to host some type of hospitality event. 
      Inform new agents of the purpose and activities of each association during the event.
    • Legislative Relations
      Make plans and arrangements for an annual legislative function.
      Provide a program which will give legislators insight into current Extension programs.

Article III

  • Amendment of By-Laws:
    • These by-laws may be amended, revised, or repealed by two-thirds vote of the members at any regular meeting.

Article IV

  • Definition of a section:
    • The term section is used in the constitution and by-laws to mean these three Associations, Kansas Association of Extension 4-H Agents (KAE4-HA),
    • Kansas Association of Extension Home Economists (KAEHE) Kansas Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (KEAFCS), Kansas Association of County Agricultural Agents (KACAA).

Amended and Revised at Annual Meeting
October 2000
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Article I 

  • Name: Kansas Extension Agents Association
    • (Hereafter referred to as the Association)

Article II

  • Purpose: To expand the educational programs of the Cooperative Extension Service for the people of Kansas in cooperation with Kansas State University and to improve the working conditions of the Kansas Extension Agents Association Members.

Article III

  • Objectives:
    • To unify agents associations.
    • To encourage and create opportunities for professional improvement for its members.
    • To encourage loyalty, mutual helpfulness, esprit de corps and well-being among members.
    • To establish and maintain a close liaison with Extension Administration and related departments at Kansas State University.
    • To foster good public relations with non-extension individuals and groups.
    • To recognize outstanding leadership and service.

Article IV

  • Membership & Dues:
    • Any person performing the duties of an Extension Agent on a county or multi-county or district basis and having the official title as such shall be eligible to be a member of the Association if they are in good standing as a member of KACAA, KAEHE KEAFCS, OR KAE4-HA.
    • The annual dues shall be set by the Board of Directors to support the budget as adopted by the membership at the annual meeting.
    • In addition to the annual dues of this Association, each member shall pay the additional dues sufficient to meet membership requirements of their respective sections.
    • A member shall be considered in good standing upon payment of the regular dues for the current year. The membership year shall be from November 1 to October 31. The fiscal year shall be from January 1 to December 31.
    • Said active membership shall carry with it the privilege of holding office in the Association and of voting on all matters of business at all meetings of the Association.

Article V

  • Officers, Executive Committee, & Board of Directors:
    • The officers of the Association shall consist of the President, President-elect, three vice presidents, and secretary-treasurer. These officers shall be called the Executive Committee of the Association.
    • The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee, two elected members from each section and the immediate past president.
  • Election & Term of Office:
    • The term of office for president, president-elect, and vice presidents shall be for one year or until successors have been duly elected.
    • The term of office for secretary-treasurer shall be three years.
    • The positions of president-elect and secretary-treasurer shall be elected by the following rotation, KACAA, KAEHE KEAFCS,, and KAE4-HA.
    • The officers (president-elect and secretary-treasurer) shall be nominated by the sections and elected by the membership at the annual meeting.
    • Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.
    • Members nominated for the position of president-elect, shall have previous Association board experience.
    • The three vice presidents shall be selected by the sections for a term of one year.
    • The retiring presidents shall automatically become a member of the Board for the following year.
    • The remaining Board members shall be selected by the sections.
    • Vacancies for the Board shall be filled by the Association president based on the recommendations of the appropriate section.
    • The officers term of office will coincide with the membership year.

Article VI

  • Meetings:
    • There shall be an annual meeting of the Association during the Annual Extension Conference, but in event there is no Annual Conference, the annual meeting shall be called by the President during the last quarter of the calendar year.
    • Special meetings of the Association or Board shall be called by the President at his/her discretion or when requested by a majority of the members of the Board. A written notice shall be given to all members at least ten days prior to a special meeting.
    • Meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee shall be called as needed by the President.

Article VII

[This article is proposed to be rescinded and all following articles re-numbered.]

If at the Annual Meeting in 1971, all three sections agree to form the Kansas Extension Agents Association, the Board of Directors from each of the three Associations (KACAA, KAEHE, and KAE4-HA) shall meet with the 1971 Coordination Committee and elect the officers and appoint committees for this Association. In years thereafter, the officers and Board of Directors shall be elected according to the constitution and by laws.

    • A quorum shall consist of those members present at any annual or special meeting.

Article VIII

  • Amendments:
    • The constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any annual meeting or special meeting provided a notice and copy of such proposed amendments shall have been sent by e-mail or postal service or available on KEAA web site to all members ten days prior to such meeting.

Article IX

  • Parliamentary Authority:
    • Roberts Rule of Order shall govern the Association in all cases in which they are not in conflict with the constitution and by-laws of this Association.

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