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Agent Associations


The materials available for download on this page are programs/documents that professionals have found helpful in their work. You may use, adapt, or borrow these materials for your use, but we request that you give credit to the author. KAE4-HA and K-State Research & Extension do not endorse the materials on this page. If you have any questions about the materials please contact the author. Their contact information can be found by doing a search on K-State Research & Extension's Homepage.

Many of these files are in .PDF, Powerpoint, Wordperfect, or Microsoft Word Format.

Ice Breakers


Officer Training


Jeff Goodwin Shares Files Presented at the 2008 KAE4-HA Spring Conference
Jeff Goodwin, Colorado State 4-H Leader presented several workshops at the 2008 KAE4-HA Spring Conference in Hutchinson, KS. He presented “How to Be a Jedi County Agent,” “Are You Smarter Than a 4-H Member,” “Two Commandments of Extension Agents,” and “Effective Livestock Quality Programs.” He agreed to share files (with proper credit given to Jeff) from his presentations for Kansas Extension Staff to use.

Other Related Livestock Ethics Presentations and Handouts appropriate for PQA, Quality Counts and/or Quality Assurance 4-H Programs