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Welcome to Nourishing the Next Generation Newsletter. This site is an archive site. The newsletter was designed for grandmothers and grandfathers who care for a child (or children) of any age: infants through teens. Others who may be interested include other family members, many child care providers, neighbors and friends. Dr. Mary Meck Higgins and Graduate Student, Priscilla Brenes had this article published in The Journal of Extension related to this newsletter. Designing Education Newsletter Interventions: An Example That Supported Grandfamilies Physical Wellness Needs.

February / March 2016  CONTENTS: Impacts of this Newsletter: Survey Results, Raising Healthy Easters, Tips for Feeding 'Picky' Young Eaters

December 2015 / January 2016  CONTENTS: Nourishing the Grandkids with Between-Meal Snacks, Increasing Indoor 'Active Time', Using Cost-Cutting Foods in Tasty Meals and Snacks

October / November 2015  CONTENTS: Do-It-Yourself Frozen Dinners, Make-Ahead Broccoli, Rice and Chicken Casserole

August / September 2015  CONTENTS: Is Your Grandbaby Ready for More than Formula?, Teaching Babies and Toddlers to Feed Themselves, Is It Done Yet? Cook Food Safely!

June / July 2015  CONTENTS: Older Newsletters are Online, Please Watch for a Mailed Survey from Us, Thirsty? Make the Best Beverage Choices Often, Nutty Cole Slaw with Peaches

March / April / May 2015  CONTENTS: Growing Vegetables or Herbs at Home, Kids Benefit when Offered a Variety of Foods, Crunchy Baked Kale Chips

January / February 2015  CONTENTS: Want to Feel Happier, Look Better and Be Healthier?, Plan for Nourishing Snacks, Reflecting on New Year's Resolutions

November / December 2014  CONTENTS: Help your youngsters learn to love a variety of foods, Wishing You Joyful Holidays and a Happy New Year!, Fall Harvest Soup Recipe

September / October 2014  CONTENTS: A Healthy Mouth for Baby, Help Young Athletes Make Healthful Food Choices, MyPlate Dietary Advice for Kids Ages 2 and Older

July / August 2014  CONTENTS: Physical Activity Is Fun For Your Family,Delicious, Nutritious and Affordable Veggies, Lentil Veggie Soup recipe

May / June 2014  CONTENTS: Choosing Healthful and Affordable Foods, In the Kitchen with Kids, Grow Some Vegetables with Container Gardening

February / March 2014  CONTENTS: Preventing Kids from Choking on Foods, Kids Eating Twice Too Many Empty Calories, Noisy Nutty Chocolate Monkey Treats

December 2013 / January 2014   CONTENTS: Easy, Tasty, Healthy: Simple Recipe Substitutions, For Festive Feasts and Happy Holidays, Keep Food Safety in Mind

October / November 2013  CONTENTS: Serving Child-Friendly Veggies and Fruits, Towards More Healthful Snacking, Let's Move -- Often and More!

August / September 2013  CONTENTS: Sports, Supplements and Nutrition, Baby's First Foods, Recipe for Healthful "Fast Foods"

June / July 2013  CONTENTS: Offering 'Rainbows' at Meals, Snacks, Rethinking Your Family Meal, Health Is More Important than Weight

April / May 2013  CONTENTS: Healthful Breakfasts, Healthy Grandkids, Mini Gardening using Containers, Recipe: Fruit Smoothie

March 2013  CONTENTS: Dietary Fiber Makes a Difference, Lead the Way: Creating a Relaxed Family Mealtime Experience, Kitchen Time Together Promotes Bonding and Fun

January / February 2013  CONTENTS: Add more Veggies to your Family Meals, Managing "Picky Eater Syndrome", Recipe: Cold Pocket Sandwiches

November / December 2012  CONTENTS: A Spotlight on School Lunches, Prepare Now to Keep Food Safe during a Storm, Feed Your Young One Independence

September / October 2012  CONTENTS: Start Every Day the Whole Grain Way, Vary Your Fruits and Vegetables, No-Cook Banana Nut Balls

July / August 2012  CONTENTS: Tips for Picnics, Cookouts, Camping, Outdoor Parties; Frozen Fruit Cup Snacks

May / June 2012  CONTENTS: Teaching Youngsters to "Eat Smart"; Food-Safe Families Wash Often; New Foods? Be a Taste Buddy!

February / March 2012  CONTENTS: Attention Grandparents Raising Grandchildren!; Excellent Eggs; Easy Hard-boiled Eggs

December 2011 / January 2012  CONTENTS: Help your Grandchild Eat Enough Iron; Homemade Holiday Gift Idea: Dry Food Mixes; Chewy Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars

October / November 2011  CONTENTS: Be Smart with Healthy Snacks; Getting the Benefits of Breakfast; Try These Fun Snacks; Banana or Blueberry Blast Smoothie

August / September 2011  CONTENTS: "MyPlate" Replaces the MyPyramid Symbol; Beverages, Foods Protect against Dehydration; Grandchildren and Body Weight

June / July 2011  CONTENTS: Juicy Yogurt Ice Pops; Plan for Active Family Fun, Good Foods This Summer; Sports Nutrition Improves Athletic Performance

April / May 2011  CONTENTS: Keep preferences in mind when preparing and serving food for youngsters; Gardening with Children and Teens; Remember Food Safety When Handling Eggs

March 2011  CONTENTS: Eight ways you and your grandchildren (if they're 2 years or older) can eat for taste AND good health; More Healthful "Packaged Food" Options; Easy Supper Pie

January / February 2011  CONTENTS: Setting "Family Rules" for Fast Foods, Buffets; Tips for Making Fitness, Good Nutrition Part of Your Everyday Family Life

November / December 2010   CONTENTS: Food Habits are "Caught" as Kids Watch You; The K-State Healthy Caregiver Decision Tool; Pumpkin "Pie" Dessert; Tips to Avoid Emotional Eating

September / October 2010   CONTENTS: Cook, Share Favorite Foods Together; September is national food safety education month; Quality, Quantity are Important in Food Choices

July / August 2010  CONTENTS: Coping with a Child's "Food Jags"; Good (and Good-for-You!) Party Snacks; Cinnamon Chips; Fruit Salad Salsa

May / June 2010  CONTENTS: First issue welcome; Weight Concerns about Children?; Bring On the Barbecue! Tips for Grilling Foods Safely

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